Clothing & Shoes


Blakläder Security Boot WALKSAFE S3

My Boots:

Shoes are one of the most important things in lost places.

You never really know how the condition a floor in a location will be in. Of course, even the best shoes can't prevent you breaking through a floor, but you have a solid hold when the ground is wet, slimy/slippery or uneven.

And the right shoe provides protection against nails sticking out of wooden boards on the floor - in short, it is the best protection for your feet.
I have decided for the Blakläder Security Boot WALKSAFE S3, it has a steel safety toe cap and a steel sole to prevent nails or glass from cutting through.


There are two purposes for gloves in lost places:

Either you need to be careful so you don't cut your hands on broken glass, sharp metal edges and the likes - or it is really cold and you need gloves for protection from the cold that enable you to still use your camera.

Kevlar Action Gloves by Mil-Tec

My Tactical Gloves:

For the first purpose - protection against cuts or other wounds on your hands resulting from glass or sharp metla edges-, I decided on gloves that are a compromise of performance and price, the Mil-Tec Kevlar Action Gloves. The offer protection from cuts, scratches and burns. I especially like the elongated cuffs that prevent nasty things from entering your clothes :)

Thinsulate Brandit Finger Stalls

My Winter-Photo-Gloves:

The need to stay warm, but still able to operate the camera, is served best by finger stalls that are warm, breathable and leave only the tips of your fingers free. The "weopon of choice" for me here were the Brandit Finger Stalls in black.

Bump Cap

My Bump Cap:

Since I have not yet planned to tour abandoned mineshafts or other underground facilities, I have not yet had the need to purches a "real" helmet. But a sufficient head protection when walking around in bunkers or dark basements to me is indispensable, so I have decided for a light, yet effective piece of equipment - the bump cap. It offers sufficient protection where there's the possibility of scraping or bumping one's head on equipment or structure projections. However, it is not strong enough to absorb large impacts, such as a rock or equipment falling down several meters.
I went for the Wolfcraft Bump Cap 4858000. It offers the protection I need combined with the fact that it is less conspicuous as when you enter a building with a helmet.

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