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You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

Featured Photo | February 17, 2024

"When one door closes another opens - but all too often there is a long hallway in between."

(Rick Jarow)

Abandoned Castle in Germany
Abandoned Castle in Germany


Headquarters of the Soviet 2nd Guards "Red Banner" Tank Army

Soviet tank Army Headquarters

The 2nd Guards Tank Army (2-я гвардейская танковая армия) was a large military formation of the Red Army and later the Soviet Army, now part of the Russian Ground Forces of the Russian Federation.


The army was originally formed in early 1943 as the 2nd Tank Army. It was the first Red Army unit to enter Berlin during the Battle of Berlin. The 2nd Guards Tank Army was formed in accordance with order № 0376 of the People's Commissar of Defence of 20 November 1944, mainly from units and formations of the 2nd Tank Army, with immediate integration into the 1st Belorussian...(more)

Goodbye, Lenin!

Lenin's Head in a German backyard

Lenin's head standing alone behind a bush in the middle of a wild meadow near the former headquarters of a Soviet tank army. Surrounded by bushes and growing trees, he seems to have camouflaged himself and taken refuge in this unlikely place. And not without good reason: since the Soviet forces left the village, most traces of the occupying power have been erased and a number of Lenin monuments have been torn down. But here, hidden in no man's land, forgotten by sympathizers and opponents, its existence seems to be safe....(more)

Moving Pictures

New Video: Soviet Fighter Control Center | 01/2024


Tour Report: Farmhouse "Biker's Heaven" [DK]

Published 2024-02-17

Abandoned Farmhouse in Denmark

Our first location that day had been a complete success, and after discovering the beautiful VW Beetle in that old barn, we didn't think this place could be topped by any other.

As it turned out, we were wrong.

I had heard about another farm house in the same area that allegedly had a lot of motorcycles in and around it. To put it this way was completely understating the facts.

But let's start from the top.

After finishing the first exploration, we took a quick coffee break at the car and checked our map for possibilities in the area. There were quite a few spots that we hadn't seen yet, but the "Motorcycle Farm" caught our attention....(more)

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Dieser Lost Place wurde Berlins morbideste Party-Location

Das Institut für Anatomie war ein Lost Place im Süden Berlins. Abenteurer fanden hier Seziertische und Leichenkeller. Wichtige Infos.

When people move out, wildlife moves in: 10 abandoned places reclaimed by nature

Wildlife is under unprecedented threat from human activity, but research suggests that given space and time, even animal and plant species on the brink of extinction can bounce back.

A Case for the Preservation of Abandoned Places

Finding where history, passion, and urban development come together can mean a lot to a community.

Lost Place: Festung Königstein öffnet geheimen Ort für Fotografen

Das ehemalige Militärgefängnis in den Kasematten der Festung Königstein ist normalerweise für Besucher tabu. Jetzt wird eine Ausnahme gemacht.

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