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You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

Featured Photo | November 18, 2023

Mining is like a search-and-destroy mission.

(Stewart Udall)

Abandoned Slate Mine in Germany
Abandoned Slate Mine in Germany


The Lock Ruin

Unfinished Lock Ruin / Schleusenruine Wüsteneutzsch

The Wüsteneutzsch lock staircase or Wüsteneutzsch lock ruin is the name given to an unfinished lock staircase with originally two lock chambers near Kreypau, a part of the town of Leuna in the Saale district of Saxony-Anhalt.


On November 16, 1920, the construction of the Elster-Saale Canal was decided in a government agreement. In a state treaty for the completion of the Mittelland Canal, the simultaneous start of construction and completion of this waterway, also known as the southern wing of the Mittelland Canal, was expressly stipulated. Work on the canal began near Burghausen in July 1933. The work, which was increasingly delayed with the start of...(more)

The Bus in the Lake

Abandoned Bus in a Lake

A bus in a lake? How did it get there? The story is less fantastic than you might imagine. There was once a large lake here, the water surface of which was gradually reduced from the 16th century onwards, and the lake became a drainage stream, the Salza.

There were five ponds on this river near the village of Langenbogen, which the Archbishop of Magdeburg, Friedrich III von Beichlingen, had created and which were all drained over the centuries.

The area along the former ponds was developed in the 19th century with a sugar factory (demolished in 1994) and..(more)

Moving Pictures

New Video: Cold War Bunker - Civil Defense Control Center - Preview | 11/2023


Tour Report: Railway Repair Factory "Fields of Green"

Published 2023-11-22

Abandoned Railway Repair Factory in Germany

This abandoned former railway repair workshop was the last location we visited during our summer vacation in 2019.

As we still had a few kilometers to go by car, we started relatively early and made our way to the old industrial ruin.


The site is located directly on a busy road with plenty of parking spaces, so we quickly found a parking space and were able to look around for an entrance. We found it very quickly, as the main gate was open.

There were no prohibition signs or anything like that, so we were able to stroll into the grounds without a care in the world....(more)

Urbex News and More

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Lost Places in Unterfranken: Diese geheimnisvollen Orte solltest du kennen

Lust auf ein Abenteuer in Unterfranken? Beim Erforschen von Lost Places kannst du tolle Fotos machen. Interessant ist es aber auch, die Geschichte zu den verlassenen Orten zu erfahren. In Unterfranken gibt es verschiedene Lost Places, die du legal bestaunen kannst.

Photographer finds the spooky beauty in Maine’s abandoned places

Maine photographer Arend T. Thibodeau has a thing for dilapidation. That’s why Thibodeau has spent the last 10 years crisscrossing the state photographing abandoned houses, crumbling factories and other structures well on their way to historic oblivion.

When people move out, wildlife moves in: 10 abandoned places reclaimed by nature

Wildlife is under unprecedented threat from human activity, but research suggests that given space and time, even animal and plant species on the brink of extinction can bounce back.

ABANDONED PLACES - LOST PLACES IN NIEDERSACHSEN Vom Burger-Diner über Asia-Imbiss und Impfzentrum zum Lost Place

Auf unseren Reisen nach Lost Places in Deutschland und Europa finden wir auch immer wieder leerstehende Gastronomiebetriebe. Wie bei all unseren Besuchen interessiert uns natürlich auch die jeweilige Geschichte dieser verlassenen Orte. Hier jetzt die - uns bisher bekannte - Geschichte eines verlassenen Gastronomiebetriebs direkt bei uns vor der Nase - in Winsen an der Luhe.

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