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Featured Photo | April 17, 2024

"Most of us don't need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with."

(Robert Brault)

Abandoned Soviet Airfield in Germany
Abandoned Soviet Airfield in Germany


Railway Tunnel Tesche

Disused Railway Tunnel in Germany

The Tesch Tunnel (also Tunnel Tesche) is a 523 m long disused and listed railroad tunnel in the German city of Wuppertal. Its name refers to the name of the area Tesche, which is shortened by apocope in the composite name commonly used in written records.

It is located between Dornap-Hahnenfurth station and the Wuppertal-Lüntenbeck stop on the line of the "Wuppertaler Nordbahn", which opened in 1879 and has since been decommissioned.

It is one of seven tunnels on the section of line between Mettmann and Gevelsberg West station....(more)

GALLERY RE-EDIT: Railway Repair Factory Potsdam

Abandoned Railway Repair Factory in Germany


The Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (Railway Repair Factory - RAW for short) was located in Potsdam's Teltower Vorstadt district and in its heyday stretched from the Lange Brücke - at the Leipziger Dreieck - along Friedrich-Engels-Straße, almost as far as the Märkische Verlags- und Druck-Gesellschaft and had its main entrance opposite Schlaatzstraße.

In 1838, with the construction of the railroad line between Potsdam and Berlin, the "Königliche Eisenbahn-Hauptwerkstatt" (Royal Railway Main Workshop) was established here on an estate in the immediate vicinity of the then "Potsdam ...(more)

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New Video: Cold War Civil Defense Bunker | 01/2024


Tour Report: Soviet Army Memorial D.

Published 2024-04-16

Abandoned Soviet Army Memorial in Germany

After the end of the Second World War, the eastern part of Germany was occupied by Soviet troops. The GDR emerged from this area in 1949. The Soviet troops occupied around 10% of the territory of the GDR. As part of the hero worship that resulted from the victory of the Red Army in the "Great Patriotic War", monuments and memorials were erected in many Soviet locations in the GDR - mostly by the soldiers of the garrisons themselves.

After the withdrawal of Soviet troops following the fall of the Berlin Wall, many of these monuments were forgotten, some were demolished and many were damaged by vandalism.....(more)

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