Exploring the Rotten Side of Germany

You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

Featured Photo | November 27, 2020

“Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town.

(George Carlin)

Abandoned Clinic (Germany)
Abandoned Clinic (Germany)


A Few Cars by the Road

Abandoned Cars in Denmark

There is no historical information about these old cars found by the side of a road in Denmark. The house appears to be lived in, but the cars are abandoned.....(more)

The Farm of Seven Tractors

Abandoned Farmhouse in Demark | Verlassenes Bauernhaus in Dänemark

There is no historical information regarding this abandoned farmhouse in the Southern part of Denmark....(more)


Iron Giants - The Gravel Pit


Tour Report: Air-Raid Shelter below Berlin (II)

Published 2020-11-21

World War II Air Raid Shelter below Berlin | Berliner Luftschutz

A bird never flew on one wing. That was our thought as we exited the first air-raid shelter that our friend Toeppi had organized for us to visit. So we got on the way to fill this lack of bunkers with yet another air-raid shelter.

This second shelter was below a kindergarten, and the access tunnel was right on a municipal contruction yard. We just walked across to the offices, and Toeppi asked if he could show the bunker to us. The foreman said yes right away, and so we went straight to the heavy access door and climbed down the stairs. ...(more)

Urbex News and More

Urbex-Related News and Links [English/German]

Lost Places im Südwesten: Grandhotel Waldlust in Freudenstadt - der Zauber des Verfalls - Schwarzwälder Bote

Gegen einen Obolus zum Erhalt des denkmalgeschützten Gebäudes dürfen Hobbyfotografen hier auf Tour gehen. Aber auch für Auftragsarbeiten stehe der Villenbau parat. "Häufig für Vintage-Magazine", sagt Türk. Die alten Gemäuer sehen fast so aus wie damals, als hier europäischer Adel und internationale Schauspielstars ein und aus gingen.

Schaurig-schön: Lost places in Deutschland | DW | 11.11.2020

Reise Stillgelegte Industriebauten, alte Villen, ausgediente Krankenhäuser: Für die einen sind es Schandflecke, für die anderen spannende Fotomotive. Hier zehn verlassene Orte, die einen ganz besonderen Charme haben.

20 Eerie Abandoned Places to Explore (If You Dare)

The world is dotted with the ruins of ancient civilizations, from the devastation of Pompeii and Mesopotamian relics to the lost temples of Southeast Asia. The US is, comparatively, a baby. But this baby can boom and bust with the best of 'em. Many of our ghost towns, now crumbling to time, were thriving a century ago.

Urban Exploring: The Dangers of Exploring Abandoned Buildings | Fife Free Press

Urban exploration, also known as urbex tourism or "urbexing," refers to the exploration of derelict urban structures. This can mean going to unkempt buildings, underground railways, old sewers, and even roofs of skyscrapers. Some do this because of curiosity, while others for the thrill of the unknown.

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