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Featured Photo | January 27, 2023

"You can't learn in school what the world is going to do next year."

(Henry Ford)

Abandoned School in Germany
Abandoned School in Germany


Army Test Cebter for Motor Transport

Verskraft, HVA Kummersdorf

The Test Center for Motor Vehicles ("Verskraft") was a department of the "Heereswaffenamt" (Army Weapons Office), department "WaPrüf 6" (vehicles and combat vehicles) in the German state of Brandenburg.


After the need for automobile warfare became apparent over the course of the First World War, increased army motorization was needed. In 1917 a "test center for conveyor railway and motor vehicle operation" was set up in Eastern Germany. In 1926, the "Verskraft" test center for motor vehicles was set up on the grounds of a shooting range.....(more)

Finowfurt Aviation Museum

Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt

The Finowfurt Aviation Museum offers an up close encounter with the aviation history in the German state of Brandenburg at the original site of a former Soviet military airfield with German roots.

The history of the museum site began in 1938 with the construction of an airfield, first for the German and then the Soviet Air Force after World War II. The Aviation Museum Finowfurt was founded in 1992 in the turmoil of the political turnaround.

The scientific processing of the airfield‘s history was made possible with the help of many contemporary witnesses...(more)

Looking Back...

Throwback Video: Urbex Review 2022 | Germany | 12/2022


Tour Report: Sanatorium "Hydro"

Published 2023-01-31

Abandoned Sanatorium in Germany

It was a beautiful, warm day in May of 2019, and we met up with our friend North Urbex for a short tour of the beautiful mountains in Germany. The first part of our excursion took us to an abandoned sanatorium in a well-known spa town. Since we're always keen not to arise any suspicion, we didn't want to park right in front of the place, and looking at the map, there weren't too many possible parking spots near the location, so we decided to take the long way.

We parked about two kilometers away near the woods and had to walk for about twenty minutes.....(more)

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