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You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

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“In nature, everything has a job. The job of the fog is to beautify further the existing beauties!” - Photo by Jan Bommes

A Foggy Morning Deep in the Harz Mountains in Germany
A Foggy Morning Deep in the Harz Mountains in Germany

"It was a moment I had been hoping for. The first night of our summer vacation this year was really cold and that resulted in a beautiful fog the next morning. I almost issed it because I was too lazy to get up, but when I saw the sunlight through the window, I quickly got dressed, grabbed my camera and went outside. The smell of fresh coffee already filled the air and I just grabbed a few quick shots. This was actually the first time I've tried to take 5 shots for a HDR without a tripod."


The Cottage by the Sea [DK]

Small abandoned house in Denmark

There is no historical information about this small abandoned cottage on the coast of Denmark....(more)

The Collector's Farm [DK]

Abandoned Farm and Greenhouses in Denmark

There is no information about this abandoned farm with greenhouses somewhere in Denmark.

A lot of old farm machines can be found outside, and most of the greenhouses are filled with bicycles, car wrecks, tools - even boats.

The area is protected by neighborhood watch.....(more)


Tour Report: Old Wine Inn [Revisit]

Published 2017-10-11

Abandoned BInn in the North of Germany

Only about a month after my first visit to the old inn, I returned for seconds together with my wife and our good friend Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex.

We were on a tour of the area anyway, and since the others hadn't been to this place yet, we made a short stop there.

Since the access strategy that Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland and I had established worked nicely the first time, why change anything? We took the same parking spot and the same access way through the bush-covered window.

It was a great visit for all three of us - Freddy got a lot of nice decay, my wife got a lot of nice details, and I got to take the shots I'd missed the first time. ..(more)

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Winston Churchill’s Half-Smoked Cigar Sells for $12,000 (Tue, 17 Oct 2017)
A half-finished cigar smoked by UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill at Le Bourget Airport in Paris in 1947 has sold for more than $12,000. The post Winston Churchill’s Half-Smoked Cigar Sells for $12,000 appeared first on Urban Ghosts Media.
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Silent Amphitheatre in Dovinė River Park, Lithuania (Mon, 16 Oct 2017)
Abandoned or closed down for winter, this silent amphitheatre in Lithuania's Dovinė River Park is an eerie yet peaceful place. The post Silent Amphitheatre in Dovinė River Park, Lithuania appeared first on Urban Ghosts Media.
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Gate to Arakül: Near Ghost Village in Azerbaijan’s Khojavend District (Sun, 15 Oct 2017)
Pass through the haunting gate of Arakül, an almost completely abandoned ghost village in Azerbaijan's Khojavend District. The post Gate to Arakül: Near Ghost Village in Azerbaijan’s Khojavend District appeared first on Urban Ghosts Media.
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Atlas Obscura - Latest Places

World's Largest Cashew Tree in Parnamirim, Brazil (Mon, 16 Oct 2017)
Inside the tree About 20 minutes south of Natal, Brazil, is one of the world's great arboreal attractions. California's giant sequoias and redwoods are famous, and rightly so. But the world's largest cashew tree, or cajuiero, is a unique experience within the woody wonders of the world. Strolling inside the sprawling canopy, you may think you are walking in an entire lush, green forest of cashew trees, but you are actually walking within one single tree. The tree covers about two acres, which approximates to the size of five football fields, or about 70 normal-size cashew trees. The age of the giant tree is still murky. Some think it was first planted in 1888, but others claim it's thousands of years old. In any case it still produces a large amount of fruit and nuts. (In Brazil, the cashew tree is prized more for its delicious, but alas un-transportable fruit even more than its nuts.) The tree's record size is believed to be the result of two different genetic mutations. One, the branches grow sideways instead of upwards, eventually being weighted down and touching the ground. Then, instead of just growing along the earth as expected, when a branch touches the soil it sets down roots. Thus the tree spreads like a forest with multiple trunks growing over the two acres.  Making the experience even more wonderful is the beautiful drive along the Brazilian coast down from Natal. The tree is located near the popular Praia de Pirangi (Pirangi Beach) in Brazil's Rio Grande do Norte state. Just follow the cashew-shaped signs and you will be at the tree in 20 minutes. Admission is cheap. Yes, they charge admission to a tree. The tree is surrounded by an equal or greater amount of acreage dedicated to souvenir shops selling all sorts of cashew-themed souvenirs.  The cashew-flavored cachaca (a Brazilian sugar cane based alcohol) is highly recommended to bottle those memories of your visit to O Maior Cajueiro do Mundo, the World's Largest Cashew Tree.   
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