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Featured Photo | June 3, 2023

"The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it."

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Abandoned Manor House in Germany
Abandoned Manor House in Germany


Zoological Museum "Animal House"

Zoological Museum and Taxidermy

Would you like to have a two-headed calf in your living room? Or how about a llama for the bedroom? Maybe a toucan for the windowsill? Perhaps that's how the auction of a collection of more than 3,000 stuffed animals in Denmark went after its owner - a taxidermist widely known as "Bird Hans" - died in 2012.

He left behind what many called "The inheritance from hell."

During his long life as an avid taxidermist and manic collector, Hans filled a disused country estate to the ceiling with stuffed animals. From 1961 and almost until his death, he was mainly engaged in stuffing animals with fiberglass and wood wool....(more)

Farmhouse "Oldtimer" [DK]

Abandoned Farm in Denmark

GALLERY UPDATE: New photos added taken on January 19, 2020

There is no historical information regarding this abandoned farmhouse in Denmark.

In total, more than thirty vintage cars can be found on the premises...(more)

Moving Pictures

New Video: Abandoned Cold War Bunker | 05/2023


Tour Report: The Farm of Seven Tractors [Revisit]

Published 2023-06-03

Abandoned Farmhouse in Denmark

As the second spot on our short tour together with our good friend Urbex Inn we chose to revisit another location - the abandoned "Farm of Seven Tractors".

I had been there twice before, but a good location can't be visited often enough, and after all, the last visit had been nine months earlier.

Just like last time, we parked the cars at the edge of the nearest field and crept along a hedge until we got to the house.

First we went into the familiar barn with the many tractors. Nothing had changed in the last few months.....(more)

Urbex News and More

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