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You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

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“Fire, water, and government know nothing of mercy.” - Photo by Jan Bommes

Abandoned Inn in Northern Germany
Abandoned Inn in Northern Germany

"There are rare moments when a location that has fallen victim to fire has actually gained in therms of 'photographic attactiveness'. Mostly due to smoke and water mixing and generating some of the most beautiful decay that you can find. Moss and mold make a nice green color and the smoke on everything kind of dampens the colors and swallows some of the light entering the rooms."


Recreation Home L.

Central Pionieer Camp Etkar Andre in Eastern Germany

This abandoned recreation home was a so-called "central pioneer camp". These camps were operated by the East German youth organization (FDJ).

For the young students and teens vacations here were used as an award for achievents in school or social services. Every one of these camps had a large company as provider. In this case, it was a large fishing company. The camp was named after a communist politician and had room for about 800 children.

Although from a Western perspective the political purpose or even suspected indoctrination of these camps seems strange, there are many reports in which children describe their time in this....(more)

Military Hospital G.

Abandoned Military Hospital in Germany

This abandoned military hospital is located on a military training area deep in the German forest. Originally built as a hospital for the Wehrmacht, it became part of a British DP (Displaced Persons)-Camp where survivors of the nearby concentration camp were treated.
In 1948, the British Military Government declared the hospital the central Jewish hospital of the British occupied zone. It was operated yb the german Jewish Central Committee along with various relief organizations.
After the hospital was abandoned, it was turned into a part of the training area. The hospital is not publicly accessible and lies in a restricted military area....(more)


Tour Report: Railway Repair Factory M.

Published 2017-07-23

Abandoned Railway Repair Factory in Germany

On the evening of the fourth day of our summer vacation, my wife and I met up with our friend Lichtbeschatter, who was going to be with us on our urbex tour the next day.

During dinner, we were planning were to go the next day, when my father called and told me that we could keep the car (which we had borrowed from him) for two more days - just in case we'd like to visit a friend up North and explore some more spots. Although not relevant for the next day, this was great, because it extended our vacation and the list of possible locations for the next couple of days.

Anyway, together with Lichtbeschatter, we planned to leave the mountains and drive to a nearby city wich has a huge abandoned railway repair factory which we were going to visit.....(more)

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The Unfinished Royal Palace at Tell el-Ful, Jerusalem (Tue, 25 Jul 2017)
Abandoned and unfinished, the shell of King Hussein of Jordan's summer palace on Tell el-Ful in Jerusalem has been empty since 1967. The post The Unfinished Royal Palace at Tell el-Ful, Jerusalem appeared first on Urban Ghosts Media.
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Aldeia de Broas: A Ruined Portuguese Ghost Village (Sun, 23 Jul 2017)
These crumbling farm buildings are understood to mark the last remnants of Aldeia de Broas, a ghost village in Portugal. The post Aldeia de Broas: A Ruined Portuguese Ghost Village appeared first on Urban Ghosts Media.
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The Forgotten Ghost Town of Baltimore, Indiana (Fri, 21 Jul 2017)
Barely a trace remains of Baltimore, Indiana today, save for a handsome red brick mansion and some tombstones in the ghost town's small cemetery. The post The Forgotten Ghost Town of Baltimore, Indiana appeared first on Urban Ghosts Media.
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University of Aberystwyth Old College in Aberystwyth, Wales (Tue, 25 Jul 2017)
The Old College's mural of Old Father Time. Dominating the skyline of the small university town and seaside resort of Aberystwyth, Wales, the Old College began life in 1791 as an ornate Italianate holiday home called “Castle House,” built for the wife of a wealthy English landowner. A combination of fire, bankruptcy, and serendipity helped the evolution of this bizarre fairytale university building perched precariously on a sea wall. By 1865, Aberystwyth had a new railway line bringing tourists in from the English Midlands. Entrepreneur Thomas Savin hired a gothic revival architect named John Seddon to turn the elaborate house into an even more elaborate hotel by building gothic extensions along the sea wall and furnishing it with turrets, crenellations, fake arrow slits, and ecclesiastical vaulted ceilings. Unfortunately, a year into its construction, a grave recession left whimsical hotels in distant seaside resorts way down the list of Victorian priorities. Savin became bankrupt and the unfinished “Castle House Hotel” began to fall into ruin. As luck would have it, at that time, a committee of London-based Welshmen were planning to start a university in Wales, the first to offer degrees in the Welsh language. The existence of an intriguing yet rotting hotel on the seafront of Aberystwyth caught their attention. The building certainly had the necessary architectural grandeur they craved to rival the ancient English colleges at Oxford and Cambridge. The consortium quickly agreed the failed hotel would make a fitting home for the new educational institution. They parted with £10,000 pounds for the decaying gothic shell and hired Seddon to once again work on the building and repurpose it into the most senior academic institution in Wales. The University of Wales (which is known today as Aberystwyth University) began teaching in the building in 1872. Unfortunately, shortly afterward in 1885, a terrible fire broke out in the chemistry laboratory which killed three people and gutted the fledgling university campus. Seddon stepped into the breach again and took the opportunity to completely remodel the whole north wing in a slightly different style, finally giving the building the bizarre, anarchic fantasy appearance it retains today. Not long after the fire, the college’s old chemistry professor died and was replaced by a new master of "potions," one Professor Snape. This real Professor Snape, whose first name was Henry and not Severus, died in 1933. He was described as energetic, keen, and devoted in his obituary. The Old College ceased to be the main focus of the university when a large new campus was constructed just on the edge of town in the 1960s.  It continued to be the university’s administrative headquarters until relatively recently. It's now destined to become the new postgraduate center. 
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