Exploring the Rotten Side of Germany

You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

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“Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.” (Erol Ozan)

Soviet War Memorial | Sowjetisches Relief Dannenwalde | Hyundai Kona
Soviet War Memorial in the German State of Brandenburg

"The last photo of our car parked in front of a bunker inspired me to take another shot of it during our last vacation. Luckily, there wasn't too much trash and rocks lying around in front of the memorial, so I could park the car neatly in front of it☺️

These Soviet memorials are really interesting to me, because on the one side, they are a monument of the occupation of Eastern Germany and on the other hand, they are memorials of a terrible war - seen from a different perspective. History is always written by the victors - which in this case were the Soviets."


Castle G.

Abandoned castle in Germany | Verlassenes Herrenhaus in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

This castle was originally built towards the middle of the 19th century on the premises of an estate that dats back to the 12th century.

Over the centuries, there were frequent changes of ownership of the estate - at one point, there were even four owners quarreling over control.

In the early 1800s, the owner at the time, revived the local glass foundry and also built a brick factory. After his death, the estate went bankrupt and was purchesed in an auction by a regional accounting official. He had the castle built by the state's chief architect.....(more)

Villa "Roadside"

Abandoned Villa in Mecklenburg, Germany | Verlassene Villa in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

There is no historical information about this abandoned villa in the northeastern part of Germany. There is little to no decay, but it has been abandoned at least since 2013.

The age of the house can only be guessed - it may be older and was renovated sometime after the German reunification - or it may have been built right after the reunification.

There is a second smaller building next to the house itself. If the property is in fact older, it may have been a barn or shed that has been refurbished as a small apartment.......(more)


2019 - A Review in Urbex


Tour Report: Soviet Officers' Casino R.

Published 2020-01-05

Officers' Casino of the Soviet Army  | Offizierskasino der GSSD Rechlin

The first day of our tour had been successful. Together with our friends Torsten (North Urbex) and Freddy (Nordgriller Urbex) we had explored a command bunker of the East German Army (NVA), and we had discovered the remains of an anti-aircraft shooting-range.

Torsten had to part ways with us after the second location, because he had to be on standby for his job the next day and therefore couldn't continue touring with us. Freddy and us had planned to spend the night at our favorite "Urbex Hotel Petra" - a dear friend who lives in the area and loves to have us around for a couple of drinks ;) Said....(more)

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