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Featured Photo | June 9, 2021

A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart.

(Gladys Taber)

Abandoned House in Germany
Abandoned House in Germany


Air Raid Shelter in Berlin III

Abandoned Air raid Shelter in Berlin

In the course of the general German rearmament in 1937, a block of barracks in the city of Berlin was converted for an anti-aircraft regiment. In this context, a high-rise bunker of the type "M500" on was built in 1940/41 opposite the barracks.

The three-floor bunker, around 750 square meters in size, built by the "Langer Construction Group", was provided with a hipped roof for camouflage. In addition, by taking up classic architectural motifs - which also included a console frieze running under the eaves - it was expected to be more easily integrated into possible future developments, because even for the time after the end of the war...(more)

Soviet Fighter Command P.

Soviet Command Bunker in Germany

This abandoned bunker was the command center for the 16th Guards Fighter Division of the Soviet Air Forces that was stationed at the nearby airfield of Ribnitz-Damgarten. The bunker was built in 1958. It had two access structures and an effective surface area of 360 square meters.


The rooms included an assembly shaft, a generator room and the corresponding control room for the generator as well as the necessary rooms for sanitation and provisions, ventilation and electricity and the situation room. The bunker was abandoned by the Soviets after the German reunification...(more)


Abandoned Sanatorium (Part 2) | Beelitz-Heilstätten, Germany | 01/2013


Tour Report: The Medical Train

Published 2021-05-24

"Catastrophe Train" of the East German Government

Towards the end of our summer vacation in 2018, we were more or less on our way home - only one more overnight stop at a friend's place was scheduled - and we decided to check if we could pay a visit to the so-called "Medical Train".

The "Medical Train" was a kind of mobile hospital in the GDR and was used especially during major military maneuvers under the Warsaw Treaty. It is kept by the "Eisenbahnfreunde Staßfurt" and can be visited legally.

It was Monday, so we didn't really think that we'd get the chance to even enter the old railyard/museum where the trains are kept, especially since we knew that it's better to make an appointment in advance, but since it was on the way to our destination, we tried it anyway.....(more)

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