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You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

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Abandoned House in Germany
Abandoned House in Germany


Sanatorium A.

Abandoned Sanatorium in the Harz mountains

This abandoned hospital is a former lung sanatorium in a valley in the Harz mountains in Germany, which was planned and built from 1894 by the regional state insurance institute. In June of 1897, the sanatorium was opened for initially 40 male patients. When it was built, the village belonged to the Duchy of Braunschweig; whose then Prince Regent Albrecht of Prussia gave the home its name.

Only one year after the opening of the main building, an additional building for 24 female patients was inaugurated just a few meters in the direction of the street. It was named after the wife of Prince Regent - Marie von Saxony-Altenburg. ...(more)

Railyard S.

Abandoned Railyard in Germany

This abandoned railyard is located northwest of the local railway station.

There were two engine sheds, each with a turntable.

The first locomotive shed was built in 1899 and had a turntable with a diameter of 20 meters. It is a yellow brick building. Locomotive shed 2 was built in 1923. Its turntable with a diameter of 23 meters was slightly larger than that of the first shed.

At the time, offices, a workshop and staff facilities were added as well. The railyard was closed in the 1990s. The locomotive maintenance was reorganized and merged....(more)


Neurosurgical Clinic Part 3 | Kiel, Germany | 2013


Tour Report: Sanatorium "Grand Duchess"

Published 2021-02-28

Abandoned Sanatorium in Germany

After we'd explored the abandoned recreation home that we'd found by accident, we moved on to the location that we'd originally planned - an abandoned sanatorium. Built more than 120 yeas ago, the place promised to be an exciting explore in both historical and architectural aspects.

It was only a few minutes drive from the recreation home which - as far as I know - had been a part of the sanatorium after World War II. Of course, there were no regular parking spots, so we had to find us a place somewhere between the cars of the local residents. We found one a bit down the street, which was good because standing in front of an abandoned place with a license plate from a city about 600 kilometers away is not the best thing to do if ....(more)

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Auferstanden aus Ruinen

Einst waren die Heilstätten in Beelitz das größte Lungensanatorium in Deutschland. Nach der Wende wurde das Areal zu einem weltbekannten verlassenen Ort. Nun kehrt neues Leben ein, wie bei einem Rundgang klar wird.

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A photographer visited a residence in Northern Ireland in 2017 and recorded antiques such as photographs and newspapers reporting the sinking of the Titanic.

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