Exploring the Rotten Side of Germany

You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

Featured Photo | January 23, 2021

Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.

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Abandoned Mansion in Germany
Abandoned Mansion in Germany


Hotel "Rockinghorse"

Abandoned Hotel in Germany

In 1895 the site was bought by the first owners and a "drinking hall" was built. In the same year, a large wooden terrace was added. In 1902, guest rooms with a total of 22 beds were built.


The family owned the growing business until 1956. After several changes of ownership, the restaurant and the neighboring house were sold to a couple. They continued the tradition of the popular restaurant and café for around two decades. The restaurant was renowned for its "fantastic international cuisine"....(more)

Gallery Update: Villa Dr. Anna L.

Abandoned Gravel Pit in Germany


New photos added taken on November 26. 2018


The story behind this abandoned villa is mysterious and foggy. What is relatively safe is that the story begins with a young student of medicine who after working several years in various German hospitals, opened his own practice for urology in a small town. It goes that he fell in love with his assistant who he married after only three months and had two children with her.......(more)


Iron Giants - The Gravel Pit


Tour Report: Hotel "Teddybear" [Revisit]

Published 2021-01-16

Abandoned Hotel in the Harz Mountains of Germany

Six weeks between two explorations can feel like an eternity, but somehow nothing came up in the time before our summer vacation in 2018, so we were really looking forward to eight days of touring and exploring. The first spot that we visited, was an abandoned hotel in the mountains that I had visited a year earlier with our friend Pixelcracker. I really liked it at the time, and since my wife wasn't with us at the time, it was a great chance for her to get a good look at the place. We parked a long way down the street, so we'd look like all the other tourists and hikers that populated the small...(more)

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Some call it the ghost town, because for decades it didn't appear on any maps -- a clandestine location that at the height of the Cold War likely concealed a deadly arsenal of nuclear weapons capable of wiping out major Western cities.

How nature reclaims the places humans have abandoned

What might happen to the entire planet, when humanity shrinks away?

"Was ist hier wohl geschehen?"

Verlassen, verfallen und wiederentdeckt: Lost Places haben eine eigene Magie und sind auf Instagram beliebte Motive. Die Fotografin Annie Bertram über Plünderung und Schatzsuche.

Lost Place in Berlin: Wie es mit dem Spreepark weitergeht

Das Riesenrad haben Berlin-Touristen vielleicht schon mal aus der Ferne gesehen: Mitten in der Stadt steht der verlassene Freizeitpark im Plänterwald. Doch für den schaurig-schönen Lost Place gibt es Pläne.

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