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You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

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“Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.” (Erol Ozan)

Abandoned Bunker form the Cold War | Bunker Fliegerhorst Eggebek | Hyundai Kona
Bunker on an abandoned airfield from the Cold War

"I'd never seen a bunker that you could drive into with a car.  This Cold War bunker is one of those. Well, you can't drive all the way in anymore, but when it was in operation, it was built so that cars or trucks could drive into a sort of garage which then could be sealed with huge concrete gates.

The abandoned airfield that this bunker was built on was the final location we wanted to explore on a short tour in November 2019. The sun was beginning to set, so the sky was painted in beautiful colors, which emphasized the impressive size and shape of the monolithic concrete bunker.

And I really like our new (six months old) little "urbex mobile", so I wanted to show off a little and took this photo ☺️"


Hotel "Prophyrite"

Abandoned Hotel in the Harz Mountains of Germany | Verlassenes Hotel im Harz

There is not much historical information to be found about this former inn situated in a valley in the Harz Mountains of Germany.

It is a half-timbered construction on a massive stone foundation, so it was probably built sometime in the 19th century when tourism in the region was on the incline. In the time of the German sepratation, the inn was used as a recreation home. Apparently, the place was continued as an inn after the reunification and was extensively renovated in the 1990s, although not in a luxurious manner. The inn was closed around 2008......(more)

Heaven's Cave

Cave in the Harz Mountains of Germany | Himmelreichhöhle Walkenried

The "Heaven's Cave" is a leaching cave system formed in anhydrite and gypsum. It contains the largest natural cavity in a low mountain range in Germany.

The cave was discovered in 1868 during preliminary excavations for a 268 -meter-long railway tunnel, which today leads along the length of the cave, that was twice as large before the tunnel was built.


The cave-side tunnel vault was initially protected against stone chipping by  bundles of brushwood, and from 1906 by a.....(more)


Lost Places | Goin' Bunkers - "The Defensive Command"


Tour Report: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Depot D.

Published 2019-11-3

Abandoned Nuclear Weapons Depot of the US Army | Verlassenes Lager für US Atomwaffen

Two weeks into the year 2018, it was time for our first tour of the year. The day before, my mother had spontaneously decided to join us, which totally made sense, because we were going to take her car anyway :)

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. We left early, and we arrived at our first spot after about two and a half hours of driving.

For the first location, we had decided to check out an abandoned nuclear weapons depot of the US Army. Supposedly, it wasn't secured at all and more or less a local recreational area, so entering.....(more)

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The Interpretation Center of Rock Carvings Benehauno in El Paso, Spain (Wed, 20 Nov 2019)
Petroglyphs. The island of La Palma is freckled with ancient carvings and caves once lived in by its indigenous inhabitants, the Benahoarite people. Sadly, many of these features were not well-preserved, so many of the surviving examples are either blocked from the public or have monitored tourist access. The El Paso petroglyphs and caves are such a place. This archaeological site features a visitor center that was built in 2009 following a European Union grant for cultural and historical preservation. Inside the building, you will find a film room with a short movie about the natives on the ground floor and a permanent exhibition on the top floor, which showcases pottery and smaller stones with petroglyphs. The visitor center also gives information about the two nearby sites you can visit—though you have to pass through the center first. The locations of these petroglyphs are not shared online. Instead, a paper map is handed out to visitors. Once you leave the paved road, the path to the petroglyphs is well signposted. The trail to two locations, a lookout point with a very densely decorated rock wall and a burial site that consists of a rock with many small caves that were used as burial places. 
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