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You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

Featured Photo | October 18, 2021

Green is the fresh emblem of well founded hopes. In blue the spirit can wander, but in green it can rest."

(Mary Webb)

Abandoned Clinic in Germany
Abandoned Clinic in Germany


The Theater of Nature

Abandoned Open Air Theater in Northern Germany

Fern, grass and wild garlic are sprouting towards the sky, and the moss is busy conquering this piece of land, where amateur actors have been performing their plays for the audience since the late 1960s.

Due to difficulties hiring personnel, the open air stage in rural northern Germany held their last season in summer of 2017. Next to the personnel trouble, there is also a humidity problem on the site.

When it rains, the water literally flows under the 20 rows of seats with a total of 500 seats. Together, all these problems prove to be too costly to keep the stage open.....(more)

GALLERY UPDATE: HAWK-Missile Launch Site G.

Abandoned HAWK Missile Site in Germany

To react to the changing threats in the cold war due to the introduction of supersonic jets to various air forces, it was decided at the beginning of the 1960s, that the German Bundeswehr was to be equipped with US-produced Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems wich should substitute the greatly overchallenged older tube artillery.

To combat targets in high altitudes (mainly bombers), the Nike Ajax (later Nike Hercules) system was chosen; the mid- and low-altitude range was to be coverd by the HAWK system.....(more)

Looking Back...

Soviet Communications Bunker from the Cold War | Germany | 11/2017


Tour Report: The Mill in the Meadow [DK]

Published 2021-10-18

Abandoned Mill in Demark

I undertook my third and probably last visit to this abandoned mill during a tour through Denmark together with my good friend Pixelcracker. It was kind of on the way home from the tour, so we decided for a quick stop.

The situation was the same as during the two previous visits - it was a rather rainy day, and there was no one around that would look with feelings of suspicion upon two German tourists sneaking around the ruin. So we parked a little down the road - only a little, because we didn't want to walk too far in the rain.

The door was still open, and we walked right in. I was a bit disappointed, because a lot of the cool stuff had been taken - the old field telephone was gone, as was....(more)

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