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You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

Featured Photo | November 30, 2021

"We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

(Walt Disney)

Abandoned Mansion in Germany
Abandoned Mansion in Germany


Estate House No.11

Abandoned Estate House in Germany

Not much information is available about this abandoned Estate house in Eastern Germany. It was probably built in the first half of the 19th century and has been abandoned for possibly more than 20 years. According to statements from the neighbors, the owner is an old lady who lives near Berlin and has tried to start renovation, but the authorities kept putting obstacles in her way, so nothing happened until this day......(more)

GALLERY UPDATE: The Secret Bunker of the StaSi

Bunker of the East German Secret Police


The "Stasi" was the East German Secret Police. This is one of the bunkers built by the East German government from 1968 until the 1980s for fear of another insurrection of the people and of an invasion by NATO troops. The Ministry for State Security decreed building and operation of fall-back shelters in which it would be possible to maintain a "firm, continuous and covered leadership" during times of war as well as domestic or international tension.

The highest secrecy was applied for these bunkers. Internally, planning and operation was carried out under the code name "Filigran" (German: delicate)...(more)

Looking Back...

Soviet Communications Bunker from the Cold War | Germany | 11/2017


Tour Report: Hotel "Rockinghorse"

Published 2021-11-30

Abandoned Hotel in Germany

In November of 2018, we paid a visit to my mother-in-law, and since she has been going on explorations with us since 2013, we decided to go check out some abandoned places.

The first spot we had chosen to explore was an old abandoned house on the edge of a small town. It had been turned into a bar or club of some kind, and the combination of an old house and a possibly modern bar seemd like a promising combination. We parked the car in town and walked to the location, because there was no real parking place close to the building - and of course, we didn't want to arise suspicion with our out-of-town license plate.

So we walked to the old building and checked for a way in. There was none. We checked every inch ong....(more)

Urbex News and More

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Lost Place taucht aus See auf - Villa Epecuén: Geisterort zieht Touristen an

Jahrzehntelang ist Villa Epecuén ein florierender Badeort. Doch am 10. November 1985 kommt es zur Katastrophe: Ein Dammbruch lässt die argentinische Stadt komplett im See versinken. Seit einigen Jahren lockt das langsam auftauchende Villa Epecuén nun Lost-Place-Touristen an.

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An urban explorer has filmed an eerie town filled with abandoned Disney-esque castles, in footage that resembles a haunting fairytale.

The Most Haunted Places in the World and Their Dark Pasts

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Lost Places in NRW: Nach Brand im „Horror-Hotel“ in Oberhausen – jetzt droht dieses Szenario

Oberhausen. Lost Places haben für Abenteurer und Hobby-Fotografen eine magische Anziehungskraft. Doch so mancher verlassene Ort in NRW birgt auch Gefahren. Das zeigt das Beispiel des „Horror-Hotels“ in Oberhausen.

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