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Featured Photo | May 10, 2024

"The cavalry, in particular, were not friendly to the aeroplane, which it was believed, would frighten the horses."

(Professor Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh)

Abandoned Fighter Jets in Germany
Abandoned Fighter Jets in Germany


Villa of the Sleeping Piano

Abandoned Villa in Germany

There is no information about the history of this thatched villa in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. This abandoned and already very dilapidated place is located in the immediate vicinity of a large lake. In Urbex circles, this house is therefore often referred to as the "Villa by the Lake". Since no one has mowed the lawn or cut back the vegetation for many years, this beautiful house now stands in the middle of meter-high trees and has disappeared into them.....(more)

Colliery H.

Abandoned Colliery in Germany

The Heinrich-Robert colliery, founded in 1901 as de Wendel colliery, was the last producing coal mine in the city of Hamm and, together with Aden/Monopol Kamen colliery, was part of the Bergwerk Ost group. The colliery was finally closed in 2010. For a long time, the colliery was called de Wendel. This is directly linked to the origins of the financiers, a large industrial family from Lorraine who had been involved in the steel industry since the early 18th century. They operated the steelworks in Hayange, which today belong to Arcelor, for almost three centuries. The namesakes were Henri (Heinrich) and Robert de Wendel, after whom shafts 1 and 2 were named. Mine pioneer Heinrich Grimberg had already...(more)

Moving Pictures

New Video: Cold War Civil Defense Bunker | 01/2024


Tour Report: Finowfurt Aviation Museum

Published 2024-05-05

Finowfurt Aviation Museum / Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt

Our November 2019 vacation was in full swing. After we had finished exploring the ruins of the "Stasi Hotel", we used the rest of the day to pay a visit to the Finowfurt Aviation Museum (Official Website). It was already the end of November, so the days were already getting quite short and we limited ourselves to short drives in order to have enough time for photos.

The former Eberswalde-Finow airfield was only about 50 kilometers and a 45-minute drive away, so there should at least be time for a short tour.

When we arrived, we were worried whether.....(more)

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