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Featured Photo | May 7, 2022

"I like the silence of a church, before the service begins better than any preaching."

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Abandoned Church in Germany
Abandoned Church in Germany


Boarding School S. [DK]

Abandoned Boarding School in Denmark

This abandoned school in Denmark was built in 1930 as a German school and was converted into a Christian school in the 1950s.

The school operated as a boarding school and the all-time presence of the students was central to the school's vision and goals. For several years, the motto of the school was "learning to live life".

Since it was a privately funded school, it got into more and more economic difficulties until it had to close in 2012...(more)

GALLERY UPDATE: The Farm of Seven Tractors

Abandoned Farm in Denmark

There is no historical information regarding this abandoned farmhouse in the Southern part of Denmark......(more)

Looking Back...

Video: Hotel Teddybear | Germany | 08/2018


Tour Report: Soviet Command Bunker P.

Published 2021-05-01

Abandoned Soviet Command Bunker in Germany

Our second tour in January of 2019 took us yet again into the realm of the Cold War. We had planned to explore an abandoned Soviet airfield in the former GDR along with two command bunkers together with our friends from Urbex & Lost Places, North Urbex and Lichtbeschatter.

We met early a few kilometers away from the airfield for a first strategy meeting, and we decided to try the front entrance first. There is a museum on a part of the old airfield, and although it is closed during the winter season, there may have been a chance to take an easy way in. We didn't get lucky. The gate was locked, and there wasn't anyone to be seen that we might have asked if we can have a look around, so we had to find another way......(more)

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