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Featured Photo | June 16, 2024

"The cavalry, in particular, were not friendly to the aeroplane, which it was believed, would frighten the horses."

(Walter Alexander Raleigh)

Former Soviet Airfield in Germany
Former Soviet Airfield in Germany


Mold's Tavern

Abandoned Guest House in Germany

There is little to no historical information about this abandoned guest house in the middle of rural Germany. It is a classic country inn; there were 12 beds, a restaurant with bar, a sunbathing lawn, a lounge, as well as an event or conference room and a beer garden. Situated in the middle of a beautiful landscape in a wooded low mountain range, this inn was certainly a good.....(more)

The Monastery of Mold

Abandoned former Monastery in Germany

The abandoned Monastery of Mold (officially „Heart of Jesus Mission“) was a branch of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Between 1902 and 1969, it served as the starting point for the mission and as a theological training center for prospective priests.


The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus had settled in near the city of Münster after the end of the "Kulturkampf" (Cultural Struggle), a seven-year political conflict (1871–1878) between the Catholic Church in Germany, led by Pope Pius IX, and the Kingdom of Prussia, led by chancellor Otto von Bismarck....(more)

Moving Pictures

New Video: Soviet Airfield Wittstock / Lost Place / Urban Exploration | 06/2024


Tour Report: Spa and Pool "Under the Dome"

Published 2024-06-08

Abandoned Spa and pool in Germany

On the way to our final accommodation on our vacation trip in November 2019, we stopped off at an abandoned water park. We had seen already many pictures of it at the time, so it was clear to us that we would find a lot of vandalism there. However, we were somehow taken by the building with its large domes, so we wanted to take a look inside at least once.

We found a parking spot very close by, but far enough away so as not to attract a lot of attention. From there, we made our way to the former swimming pool site. There weren't really any fences or barriers; there were no prohibition signs to be seen either. We had no problems.......(more)

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