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Featured Photo | September 23, 2021

A kitchen is a good place to be, almost always the best place in the house."

(Michael Ruhlman)

Abandoned Farmhouse in Germany
Abandoned Farmhouse in Germany


Cycling Track "Victory Wreath"

Abandoned Cycling Track | Radrennbahn Hannover

This abandoned cycling track in Northern Germany was in operation from 1965 to 2017. The wooden track, which was opened on May 24, 1965 as a replacement for a former cycling track at a different site was 333.3 meters long and had a driving surface that was 6.5 meters wide.

The curve elevation was almost 50 degrees. The driving surface was made of African Afzelia hardwood, while the substructure was made of various soft and hardwoods. The cycling track was one of the fastest uncovered summer tracks in the world, has hosted German championships 18 times and was an important location for track cycling in Germany....(more)

Rest Home "Fernview"

Abandoned Retirement Home in Germany

This former rest home has been abandoned since 2007, when it was given up in favor of a newly built facility closer to the rural city's center. It has developed into an "eyesore" with a certain notoriety as an "abandoned place". 


The building erected in 1967 is noticeably falling into disrepair and has now become a playground for vandals.


The dilapidated building on the 16,000 square meter site is due to be demolished in 2021. This is confirmed by the architect who is investing in a new residential project....(more)

Looking Back...

Urbex after the Storm | Germany | 10/2017


Tour Report: The Farm of Seven Tractors [Revisit]

Published 2021-09-22

Abandoned Farm in Demark

Only one week after my first visit to this place, I went for a revisit. My friend Pixelcracker had seen a few of the pictures I had taken and asked if I was up for another visit there. I was really happy about this opportunity - not only because I like to go exploring, but mainly because during the first visit, I had forgotten that my camera was set to take JPEG photos only...this visit gave me the chance to take the photos again in RAW format!

So we drove up to Denmark to check on the tractors and the Volkswagens. They were all still there, and nothing had changed. You might say that this is not a surprise, but in urban exploration, it actually is, because you can never be sure if the vandals hit a place shortly after...(more)

Urbex News and More

Urbex-Related News and Links [English/German]

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Viele Austragungsorte der olympischen Spiele haben viele Gebäude für die Wettkämpfe errichtet, zum Beispiel Stadien oder Olympische Dörfer. Doch nicht überall wurden sie gut erhalten. Bilder von verfallenden Sportstätten.

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„Lost-Places-Podcast: Jetzt Folge 3 zu Kummersdorf und Sperenberg hören

Die MAZ erzählt mit einem Lost-Places-Projekt die Geschichte der ehemaligen Militärflächen in Teltow-Fläming. Dazu gibt es auch einen Podcast von Annika Jensen. Folge 3 befasst sich mit Kummersdorf und Sperenberg.

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