Exploring the Rotten Side of Germany

You might say I'm a collector. I collect rare objects. Facts, stories...I travel the roads of Germany seeking its heart.

Featured Photo | October 24, 2020

“...the fog was thick and full of light, and sometimes voices.


Iron Ore Mine (Germany)
Iron Ore Mine (Germany)


Mink Farm "Mercedes"

Abandoned Mink Farm in Denmark

There is no historical information about this abandoned mink farm in Denmark....(more)

Asylum for the Insane T.

Abandoned Cold War Bunker in the Forests of Germany | Verlassener Bunker aus dem Kalten Krieg

This abandoned former state insane asylum in the East German state of Brandenburg was established between 1905 and 1908 as a sanatorium and nursing home.

The institution offered space for 1,050 patients in the hospital. In addition, the site had a retirement home for another 150 people. There were also administration and kitchen buildings, a machine house with workshops, an agricultural yard and spacious park-like gardens.

During World War I, the sanatorium was turned into a military hospital...(more)


Iron Giants - The Gravel Pit


Tour Report: Grinding Shop II [Revisit]

Published 2020-10-14

Abandoned Factory in the Harz Mointains in Germany | Verlassene Schleiferei im Harz

When we arrived at the car after exploring the cave, we had a quick snack before heading to the next - and final - location of this tour. It was a drive of about forty minutes along the western flank of the Harz mountains. The sun was shining and we enjoyed looking at the beautiful  scenery - after all, it was the middle of May and everything was green and beginning to bloom.

As we got to the location, we parked on the same public parking spot that my wife and I had used the first time a few months earlier. We got our gear out of the trunk and walked over to the about...(more)

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Bei Hamburg: Der größte Lost Place des Nordens - Leuchtturm-Projekt geplant

Wie eine Trutzburg stehen sie mitten im Zentrum Elmshorns - die „Knechtschen Hallen". Die alte Lederwarenfabrik ist einer der größten „Lost Places" im Norden und die Gebäude verfallen seit Jahren. Doch nun soll dem Komplex neues Leben eingehaucht werden - vielleicht auch mit Hilfe von Hamburger ...

Die Geisterstadt, die früher das prunkvolle Las Vegas Italiens war

„In Consonno ist alles ein Wunder" heißt es am verwaisten Eingangstor zur ehemaligen Vergnügungsstadt. Consonno liegt im Norden Italiens, in der Lombardei, und ist schon lange nicht mehr die Stadt, die es einst war. Der Lebenstraum von Graf Mario Bagno war es, einen Vergnügungspark zu errichten.

11 incredibly spooky abandoned places to visit around the world

Shattered windows, graffiti-splashed walls, overgrown rooms: there's something truly unsettling about buildings and landmarks that have been abandoned to the whims of nature and human vandalism. For urban explorers and fans of obscure history alike, there's immense joy to be had in tracking them down and learning all about their past.

Haunted Mansions, Military Ruins, and Ghost Towns: Hong Kong's Spookiest Spots

Hong Kong might be one of the most densely populated cities in the world, a handful of spaces lie empty and derelict as if frozen in time, untouched by locals. Some of them date back to the early 20th century; others are remnants of the city's British colonial past; others still are failed residential developments turned eerie.

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