Agricultural Seeds Center

As if on a platter, yet completely unnoticed, stands an imposing half-timbered abandoned palace in the Saale district in eastern Germany. The former seed cultivation station was once the cradle of modern agriculture.

But the landmarked house in park-like surroundings has been enduring a sad existence for a long time. Yet the stately building was filled with life for almost a whole century.

A seed breeding farm had been housed there since the beginning of the 20th century. Even after the expropriation after the Second World War, it was used as such during the GDR era and in the first years after reunification. It

Abandoned Agricultural Seeds Station in Germany

was not until the bankrupcy of the seed company in the mid-1990s that the building was pulled empty. Since then it has been unused.

Since the late 2010s, there have been ideas to renovate the building and develop it into a beer garden. According to the owners, the spacious outdoor areas are ideal for this. Contact has even been made with an architect who has already realized such projects - however, the effort to be made and the costs cannot yet be estimated, so that nothing has happened so far and the building continues to decay.


Visited: May 17, 2020

Location: Undisclosed, Germany

Status: Abandoned

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