Amusement Park B.

The "VEB Kulturpark" was the only permanent amusement park in the German Democratic Republic (Eastern Germany) and was opened in 1969.
After the German reunification the park was re-opened as "Sprrepark Plänterwald" in 1992 and was closed again in 2001 due to weird planning by the Berlin City senate, who decided to turn the area into a nature preserve which cut down the park to about 2 thirds of its original size and cut down the parking areas to almost zero.
So since 2001, the park and the reamining attractions are exposed to wind and weather which makes for some really nice photo opportunities.
Especially the ferris wheel is cool, it reminds of the photos of Pripyat I've seen.


In August of 2014, part of the park burned down due to some guys having a "giong away party" for a friend who was going to jail. Since then, a new fence has been built and the security patrols have been intensified.


Visited: January 27, 2013

Location: Berlin, Germany

Status: Abandoned / Secured

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