Auto Repair Works S.

There is very little information about this location.
The company existed at least since 1948, possibly earlier. After World War II, in the times of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), primarily cars that belonged to government agencies were fixed here.
After the German reunification, the company was closed down.
The area consists of a heating plant, an office building and the huge factory buildings.
There is nothing left of the interior and the graffiti artists had their way with all the walls, but the sheer size of the halls is impressive - true cathedrals of industry.
The area is decaying more and more, but the large field in front of the factory building is being used for vintage car meetings and other events of the kind.


Visited: May 4, 2014 / August 13, 2019 / September 22, 2019

Location: Undisclosed

Status: Abandoned

GALLERY UPDATE: New photos added taken on August 13, 2019.

GALLERY UPDATE: New photos added taken on September 22, 2019.

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