Brewery S.

This brewery was built in the 1850s. It was the second location we visited on our tour two weeks ago.

Until its final closure in the 1990s, the brewery operated under a lot of different names, depending on the owner. It mainly brewed the so-called "Export-Beer".
It was obviously not a really large brewery like the one you can find in Berlin, maybe more of a regional thing judging by the size of the primary buildings, the water tower and the administration.
Part of the ensemble of buildings has been torn down and others have collapsed, but other parts are being renovated, so the area will be used again. Right now, part of it is a construction site.
We had the doubtful pleasure of meeting the owner while we were on the premises. She was not happy AT ALL to come across us and it took quite a while to calm her down and convince her to not call the police...
In the end she allowed us to leave the area on the same way we came in and we even got a little extra information about the future of the area.

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