The Park of Car Sculptures

This extraordinary car graveyard is located directly opposite the Neanderthal Museum in Erkrath (North Rhine-Westphalia). The creator of the car sculpture park in Neandertal is called Michael Fröhlich and is the owner of the car dealership "Fantastische Fahrzeuge". He acquired 50 vintage cars from 1950 for his 50th birthday in 2000. But what makes this car sculpture park so special? The precious classic cars are exposed to natural decay in the park! Michael Fröhlich wants to illustrate the power of nature with his sometimes controversial park. He bought 50 

The Park of Car Sculptures / Autoskulpturenpark Neandertal

vintage cars from all over the world for a lot of money. At the time, the cars were restored and in good condition. The paintwork was still shiny at the beginning. Over time, the cars just looked unwashed. Without restoration, but with accelerated decay, the classic cars were buried by nature and exposed to natural decay. In the end, nature determines the condition of the valuable classic cars. The rust and fading of the paintwork result in the classic cars acquiring new color combinations. In addition, shading and surface textures as well as wind and weather give the classic cars new deformations. 

On the approximately 20,000 square meters you can always discover new and interesting details.

A stretch of steep racing track on which historic Jaguars and Porsches compete in one last eternal race. A remnant of the Soviet world power, a Moskovich built in 1950, symbolizes half-buried the demise of its country.

A piece of the Berlin Wall, with the original graffiti and in East and West an army car of the two worlds from 1950 decaying in the face of time. An 11 CV, the gangster limousine that belonged to a French police chief for decades. Some cars have been entwined by tree roots, others have been cut in half as trees have grown through them. The seats of the classic cars are mostly no longer recognizable, the interiors of the cars are mostly rusted. Sloping cars that once belonged to the German Police Union and a Rolls Royce transporting the Queen and Prince Charles can also be found in the car sculpture park.

Not only vintage cars adorn the park in Neandertal: an airplane, motorcycles, scooters and a horse-drawn carriage lend the place a differentiated image. There are also garden gnomes, information signs and a British telephone box.


A visit to the car sculpture park in Neandertal is possible every Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00. Admission costs €10 for visitors without a camera and €20 for photographers. Children have free admission.


Visited: August 2, 2020

Location: Neandertal 11, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Status: Active

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