Chateau K.

When one reads that some German states have more than 2.000 castles, the reason is that in colloquial speech estate houses, mansions and even large farm houses are commonly nicknamed "castles".

It is the case with this castle, which used to be a large farm or estate house which was optically upgraded to a castle around the beginning of the 20th century, which was a common procedure. As a result of industrialization and agricultural modernization many farm houses and mansiones were modernized and refurbished as well. In the local population, these mansions quickly became known as "castles" while the real residences of the noble families from the medieval times were forgotten over time...

In the past years, this castle has been in the local news a couple of times when a man from northern Germany who claimed to be the descendant of a noble family with a long and distinguished history was in fact dealing with fake nobility titles. He wasn't doing so very cleverly, so he wasn't really good at it either and when he was convicted of fraud, the judge handed down a very lenient sentence because the guy had acted so amateurishly that he couldn't possibly have hoped to be commercially successful with it.

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