Children's Home "Algae Bloom"


This abandoned children's home was originally built as a hospital in the 1890s. It was operated by sisters of the Order of "St. Algae". As early as 1901, the hospital began to accomodate children for recreational purposes. The official use as a children's home began in 1913. 

Since the 1980s, the number of children that stayed at the house declined dramatically, so the home was mainly used to accomodate travel groups of senior citizens, school classes and priests. In the middle of the 2000s, the order began withdrawing from the operation, and the last three sisters left in 2010.

The first rumors of the closure of the children's home arose in 2006, but due to harsh criticism, operations continued, and in 2007, a charity organization took over.

Pool area of an abandoned children's home in Northern Germany

Due to the lack of occupancy, along with the immense need of renovation that had accumulated over the years, the closure was inevitable. It was said that there was neither the need nor a viable concept that justified continuing the operation. Additionally, the estimated costs for necessary renovations amounted to almost two million Euros. Talks regarding different possibilities and concepts were broken off without success. The home was finally closed in 2015.


As the main part of the children's home was inaccessible, this gallery only contains photos from the pool area.

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