Children's Hospital B.

The children's hospital in Bad Sachsa consisted of seven wooden houses that were built in 1935/36 in a vast, remote valley in the Harz Mountains, not far from the former border between East and West Germany. In 1944, all the children of the July 20 attackers who had attempted to assasinate Adolf Hitler, were interned there. In 1945 a Dresden pediatrician fled there with 146 orphans from the bombing war. Then in mid-April of 1945 the Americans marched into Bad Sachsa. They were also interested in the 

Abandoned Children's Hospital in the Harz Mountains in Germany | Kinderkrankenhaus im Borntal Bad Sachsa

hospital building, where the staff of the Wernher von Braun unit, who was responsible for building missiles in Mittelbau Dora, was now housed. The children waited in the basement of the infirmary.


After the war, the local deaconesses turned the sanatorium for tubercular children into a children's hospital.

Several buildings were added in the 1960s and 1970s; among others a modern hopital ward, a nurses dormitory, a gym and a swimming pool. After the  German unification, it was no longer profitable and was shut down.

In 2019, most of the old buildings have been demolished to make room for a vacation par including campgrounds and various other facilities.


Visited: August 6, 2018

Location: Bad Sachsa, Germany

Status: Demolished

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