Clinic E.

The hospital was built in the years 1907-1910 as a military hospital.
There are some very dark spots in its history, as key Nazi officials used it as a hiding place during the final days of World War II.
For example, Weapons-SS Major General Dr. Karl Gebhardt - personal physician for Heinrich Himmler and responsible for the pseudo-medical experiments in the concentration camps, spent his last days here in the disguise of a Red Cross General, and the Nazis' chief ideologist, Alfred Rosenberg, was arrested here.

After the war, the hospital was taken over and run by the city until it was closed down in 1988, and until 1998, it was used as a shelter for refugees from the former East Block states.

There are all sorts of urban legends about this place being haunted. Of course, these old, gothic-style buildings sometimes do have an eerie atmosphere, but it's really the architecture and the way the decay eats through everything, constantly changing the colors, the textures, the entire look of a building...

Near the main hospital building are two auxiliary buildings; one of them was boarded shut really firmly - I suppose that it's used as a toolshed by the neighbours - but the other one was open, so we climbed through an open (more broken) window.
This building was really derelict, almost falling apart with wooden floors that seemed to cave in a little more with every step. This was probably the most dangerous object I have been in yet in terms of the possibility of breaking through the floor and landing on the ground one floor down...


Visited: June 2, 2013

Location: Undisclosed, Germany

Status: Abandoned

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