Cookie Factory H.

Cookie Factory

Almost every child in Germany has eaten the famous "Zwieback" (rusk) made by this company at some point in their life. Generations of German children grew up with the name of this company.

The history of the company dates back as far as 1912 when two brothers founded the original "Zwieback- und Keksfabrik" (Zwieback and Cookie Factory), aiming to produce zwieback and bisquits of high quality at an affordable price.

The company mechanized the production in 1929 and developed, constructed and patented the first zwieback-cutting machine. Eight years later, 25 years after its founding, the company already employed more than 700 workers.

In 1940, the company acquired a Bavarian chocolate factory. Further acquisitions in 1975 and 1988 strenghtened the market position as Germany's leading producer of rusk.

In 1995, the company sold their pastry division and in 1996 began a cooperation with a large Finnish crispbread manufacturer.


Around the turn of the millennium, the company made the news when plans were announced to relocate production to a highly subsidized new production site in Eastern Germany. The state of Thuringia had offered to pay in part for the conctruction of the new factory, and all efforts to make the company stay in its traditional location failed, so in 2003, the last zwieback came off the production line.

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