Cosmetics Factory Z.

As early as 1714, a business was founded on this here which produced cosmetics such as hair coloring and hair wash. The "real" origins of this company date back to 1807, when the original soap factory was built.

It was rebuilt in 1889 and expanded in 1900. In 1902, for a short period of time, the company also produced cocoa, chocolate  and sweets.

In 1942, a new company was founded under the umbrella of the old business. This company produced soap and perfume.

Shortly after the war, the company was expropriated and in 1954, became a VEB (people owned enterprise) which produced hair coloring products and was well-known in the East-Block countries.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the company's name changed various times.

After the German reunification, the German escrow became owner of the factory and invested in new production machines and modernized the buildings. After that, the entire company was sold to a cosmetics company from Hamburg.

The company marketed various products, but when the sales disappointed, the factory was closed in 1996.

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