Dairy Farm 201

This abandoned dairy farm was put into operation in 1889 and used the most modern technical facilities for the processing and preservation of milk. It used a combination of steam and centrifuge in this process. Regular modernization of the dairy farm secured state-of-the-art milk processing. But the economic situation of small farms deteriorated, and in 1972, the company was closed down.
With the sale to an art lecturer the dairy farm was turned into an art house and the character of the building changed. More changed when a new owner bought the building in 1978.

Art Factory - An abandoned Dairy Farm in northern Germany

He founded an "art factory", in which art was exhibited and produced. Over the years, the art factory aqcuired fame beyond the regional borders and held regular artisan's market. When the owner died in the late 2000s, the 2200 square meter site was sold to an investor from southern Germany at a bargain price. Since then, the buildings have decayed continuously. At the chimney some rows of tiles have broken out, and a vegetation of ivy and wild wine gradually overgrows the entire complex.

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