Farmhouse "Oblivion"

For many generations, this abandoned farm in Germany has belonged to one family. The house was originally built back in the 1800s, and has been renovated a few times. The last owner inherited the farm after his parents' death in 1968 and moved in with his wife Mira. The farm required some renovation and they used the first few years to design the farm according to their own ideas as well as cultivate the many acres of land that belonged to it. In 1981, their son was born. The birth was difficult and both mother and son hovered between life and death for several days. Due to the difficult birth, the couple decided not to have any more children.

Abandoned Farmhouse in Germany

They gave all their love to their one son and the years passed by. It was the father's wish for the son to take over the farm - just as many generations had done before him. Unfortunately, over time, it became clear that the son had no intention of becoming a farmer. Apparently, he was more interested in music and played in a band.

The farmer did not give up and went to great lengths to arouse his son's interest in the farm, while at the same time working hard everyday trying to keep the business afloat. In early 2000, his heart gave up and he was found dead in the stable. The many years of toil had left their mark, and he died without being able to decide the future of the farm.

So that the mother didn't have to live alone on the farm for too long, the son moved back in and set up a small apartment on the first floor. However, he was still not interested in being a farmer, so the farm soon fell into disrepair. On Christmas Eve 2006, his mother died quietly in her sleep, and the son was all alone with the farm.

The son lived in his small apartment for a while after his mother's death. Then the government wanted to build a highway nearby and wanted to buy the farm for this purpose. As the son still had no interest in life as a farmer, he gladly agreed to the deal. He only packed a few personal belongings and left the rest in the house. After construction work on the highway had already begun, it soon became clear that none of the other landowners in the area were willing to sell their land to the government, so the plans for the route had to be changed. It still runs across the family's land, but the house remained standing.

Now the highway runs too close to the house, so that it was no longer possible to sell it, leaving it to decay and the remaining furniture only a shadow of the memory of the family who once lived there and farmed the land.

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