The Forest of Ghosts

This forest is circa 180 hectares in area and is called "Ghost Wood" (Gespensterwald) by the locals. The origin of this description is not exactly known, but is probably derived from the coastal strip of the forest, which is roughly one kilometer long and around 100 meters wide, and is mainly stocked with beech and a few oaks. The beech trees, in particular, have been shaped by the sea winds, grow mainly on one side and have twisted, snake-like branches, which gives them a ghostly appearance especially at twilight and in the mist.

In addition, the strong winds blow the nutrients out of the ground while the sea air leads to salt accumulating in the ground. The lack of nutrients along with the salt in the ground also leads to the ghost-like look of the trees.

The Forest of Ghosts (Gespensterwald Nienhagen)

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