Hotel by the Road

Almost every small town in the Danish countryside has its own "Kro" - an inn.

This particular inn is being labeled by the people as the prettiest building in the region. The building (or its predecessor) date back to at least the year 1700, when a famous poet gave the surrounding town a Greek name referring to the architectural style of the building which at the time was a "Spindelskolen" (probably a spinning school).

The building was sold around the year 1800 and refurbished as an inn.


When the regional railroad line was opened, the inn gained the title "royal chartered".

Information regarding the last years of operation is shady. The inn has been sold in 2005 and then again in 2009, when the buyers who bought it for 1 Danish krone were looking to invest about 16 million Danish krones (about 2 million Euros) for renovation. In 2014, the project was canceled.

Due to language barriers, some of the information about this location might be inaccurate. Please use the contact page to submit correct information.


Visited: August 9, 2015

Location: Faaborg, Denmark

Status: Renovated

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