Hotel "Rockinghorse"

In 1895 the site was bought by the first owners and a "drinking hall" was built. In the same year, a large wooden terrace was added. In 1902, guest rooms with a total of 22 beds were built.

The family owned the growing business until 1956. After several changes of ownership, the restaurant and the neighboring house were sold to a couple. They continued the tradition of the popular restaurant and café for around two decades. The restaurant was renowned for its "fantastic international cuisine".

Abandoned Hotel in Germany

But in the course of the  separation of the owner couple, the place had to be sold in 2010. Then there were big plans for the area, but in the end none of them were realized. The neighboring house is inhabited; but the hotel is still empty and looks sad after years of vandalism.


Visited: November 27, 2018

Location: Undisclosed, Germany



Status: Abandoned

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