Hotel "Teddybear"

It is unclear when this abandoned hotel was initially built. Judging by the architecture, it was sometime during the 1930s. What is confirmed is that during the early 1940s, the hotel was confiscated by the Nazi organization "Hilfswerk Mutter-Kind" ("Mother-Child Relief") which was tasked with taking care of pregnant women as well as young motheres and their offspring that were classified as "aryan". A seperate part of the hotel was even used by the organization "Lebensborn", a notorious Nazi institution for the breeding of "pure-race Aryans".

After World War II, hotel operations were taken up again. The furniture and equipment point to a renovation sometime in the 1980s. The hotel was probably closed towards the end of the 2000s. 

Abandoned Hotel in the Harz Mountains in Germany



GALLERY UPDATE: New photos taken on August 5, 2018

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