The Inn by the Cemetery [DK]

Since the middle of the 1950s, a married couple has operated this old historical inn. The thatched farmhouse and adjacent buildings hold a bar, kitchen, two dining rooms, a newer part and even a handful of small guest rooms.

Since the early 1960s, most of the interior and accessories have remained the same. The inn symbolized tradition, continuity and security. The couple's children grew up working together with the parents and until its closure frequently continued to do so. Over the years, the inn acquired a large and loyal customer base. In the early 2000s however, the decline began. Fewer guests came, and after the owner suffered a stroke in the late 2000s, the inn was sold and closed soon thereafter. Since then, it stands decaying between the highway and the local cemetery.

Abandoned inn next to a cemetery in Denmark

GALLERY UPDATE: New photos taken on October 8, 2017.

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