Lightbulb Factory S.

Lightbulb Factory

The history of this company began in the year 1908 when the company name was entered into the commercial registry and a factory building was constructed. There were two owners; both shared the responsibility for the business, while one operated as the commercial leader, the other worked as the technical director.

At the time, only ten employees worked in the factory, and produced exclusively lightbulbs and carbon filaments.

The company managed to get through World War I pretty well until the end of the inflation and invested in better machniery to not only increase the quality of the productes but also to increase production.

In the year 1921, the end of the carbon lights had come, the production was switched to metal filament vacuum bulbs. First, single-filament lightbulbs were produced, and from 1935 on lightbulbs with double filaments.

The company was sold in 1983. In 2003, the company headquarters was relocated to Berlin.

In 2006, the original copmpany returned "home" and founded a lightbulb distribution company in a nearby city.

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