Neo-Gothic Castle G.

The house is about 150 years old and was built after its predecessor in a different place had been demolished.
The estate itself dates back to at least 1328, possibly even further. Over the centuries, at least 14 different more or less aristocratic families owned the estate and the castle.
The castle is situated between a little river and the castle pond. Near the main building you can find the rotten remains of the estate's horse stables with collapsed walls and roof and a very large amount of plant life growing in it.
After the World War II, the estate was expropriated and the castle was used as a senior citizen's home until 1997. Since 1998, the estate and the castle belong to a community of heirs that don't demonstrate a lot of interest and so the castle and the surrounding buildings are left to rot.


Visited: January 4, 2014

Location: Undisclosed, Germany

Status: Abandoned / Renovation

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