Farmhouse "Mount of Hay"

This type of building is the typical farm house for a peninsula in the region of North Frisia in Germany.

The design originally was brought to the area by West Frisian immigrants during the 16th century.

For centuries, farmers have lived in these houses together with the farm animals. The German name for this type of house (not disclosed to conceal the location) results from its function to store hay. In its original form, this type of house had a middle part where the straw was stored after the thrashing of the corps. Around this center part were arranged the living rooms, sleeping rooms for the 

Abandoned Farmhouse in Germany


farmhands, and the stables for horses, cows and small animals. The hay was stored under the roof above the stables while the crop was stored above the living rooms. Characteristic of this type of farm house is the large thatched roof, oftentimes with a height of up to 15-20 meters.


This particular farm house was built around 1800 and was abandoned around 2007. It is not as large as the original type mentioned before, but still has most of the features of the original design. Living rooms, kitchen, sleeping rooms and stables all are under the same roof, and the space under the roof is used for hay storage.


There is no further  historical information about this location.

UPDATE - Revisit on 2015-03-08: Nothing has changed since the first visit. Some things have moved around, but nothing appears to have been stolen or vandalized.

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