Photochemical Factory B.

Factory for Photochemicals / Graffiti by Plotbot Ken

In the USA, Kodak made photography a popular past time entertainment by producing cameras in an industrial scale as soon as 1888.
In 1923, a number of buildings were constructed in a part of Berlin for a German film manufacturing company, the "Glanzfilm AG".
This company was bought by Kodak in 1927 and expanded to produce black-and-white photographic film as well as X-Ray-film and the required chemical reagents.
In 1945, it was confiscated as "enemy asset" and put under trust administration and from 1956 on it was operated as "people owned enterprise".
Large parts of the huge complex have been turned into luxury apartments. Only two lab buildings remain and are probably awaiting their demolition.

The lab buildings were obviously built in the 1970s. While the larger building was apparently a production facility, the smaller of the two buildings seems to have been used for educational purposes; we found small lab rooms and classrooms.
A lot of the production equipment has been left in the building and was spared by the copper thieves, probably becuase the large installations have been integrated into the building which makes it virtually impossible to remove them.
Still, the vandals had their go at the glass installations, cylinders, condensers - nothing that was made of glass was left in its original state.


Visited: February 10, 2014

Location: Undisclosed, Germany

Status: Abandoned

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