Power Plant V.

The first part of this massive abandoned power plant was originally built in the years 1937-40 with a power output of 6 x 35 MW. In 1943, the first HVDC-cable was built from here to Berlin, but it never went operational. After World War II, the machines, installations and equipment were disassembled and shipped to the Soviet Union as reparations. From 1953-59, the power plant was reconstructed and expanded to deliver a power of 12 x 35 MW.

On a foggy day in 1960, an East German Iljuschin Il-14 brushed agains one of the chimneys and crashed. A nearby city with a population of more than 130.000 was supplied with heat from the power plant,

Power Plant V.

and in the 1970s, a greenhouse facility of more than 60 hectares was built to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. It was also supplied with heat from the power plant.In 1991, half of the boilers in the power plant and the greenhouses were shut down and demolished in 1997. The Powerplant itself was finally shut down in 1994. Four yearas after its closure, the power plant was opened for visitors. In the summer of 1998, the twelve huge boilers were used as the location for a state fair. In 2001, the four chimneys were demolished.

The power plant can not be entered legally anymore because it is partly in danger of collapsing.

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