Pripyat - Dental Clinic

Located on Entuziastov Street as part of the large medical complex "МСЧ-126", the dental polyclinic is one of the lesser known places in the abandoned city of Pripyat.

Of course, the metal thieves have taken their toll on this building as well, but due to the lesser amount of tourist traffic compared to other places in town, there still are many relics from the time when the clinic was still in operation.

In addition to the surgery rooms, a lot of laboratories can be found still containing chemicals, dentures, molds, plates and so on.

Abandoned Dental Clinic in Pripyat | Verlassene Zahnklinik in Prypjat

The dental clinic - and the medical complex in its entirety - clearly displays that Pripyat was built to be a very modern (and even fairly luxurious) city - a model city for the Soviet Union. An ambition that was abruptly brought to an end on April 26, 1986.

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