Pripyat - Hospital No.126


One of the most iconic places in the abandoned city of Pripyat is the hospital. Located on Druzhby Narodov (Friendship of the People) street, the medical complex "МСЧ-126" has five main buildings up to six stories tall with a number of smaller outbuildings. Built to serve the population of Pripyat, primarily workers from the power plant and their families, it could accommodate up to 410 patients in its 3 different clinics.

The basement of the hospital is infamous for containing the clothing worn by the first responders - the firemen who 

Hospital No.126 in the Abandoned City of Pripyat | Krankenhaus Nr.126 in Prypjat

attended the scene immediately following the explosion. Hastily dumped into the basement, these items of clothing, including boots, gloves and helmets, have been lying there protected from the elements for decades.

Another iconic part inside thospital is the neonatal ward. Pripyat was a very young city with many young families, so the medical facilities were mainly designed for younger people and their needs. Further proof of this fact can be found in the pathology department of the hospital - which only has one dissection table.

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