Public Pool and Spa H.

This open air pool area and the adjoining wellness area has been abandoned for almost 20 years and the nature of the former business made for a fantastic new home for a lot of mold.

For more than two decades this heated wave pool was the pride of a coastal resort in northern Germany. It was originally opened in 1973 and closed down in 1996 for economic reasons. It was used until 2006 by the administration for health resorts and since then, nature has been reclaiming the area - mostly oblivious to the views of the vacationers.
The chemicals used to test the water are still in place, and so is most of the furniture. Only the tanning beds have been taken away and appear to have been moved in an attempt to steal them.


Update 2015-05-14: In February of 2015, demolition has started on the entire building and was finished by the end of april. About 5.000 tons of concrete and stone have been moved, and about 2.600 cubic meters of new soil were used to fill up the excavation left where the pool area once was. All materials - wood, metal, glass padding and asbestos - have been disposed seperately, the roof was taken apart by hand and at the end a new lawn was sown. The demolition had already been decided in 2008, but due to fear of the enormous cost had been delayed. A new tourism concept for the region was published last year and brought a new perspective to the delayed plans.

Here is a newspaper article on the matter (German).


Visited: July 14, 2013

Location: Hohwacht, Germany

Status: Demolished

Real Name: Meerwasserschwimmbad Hohwacht
Location: Hohwacht, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Status: R.I.P.
Demolition: February 2015

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