Railway Repair Factory "Green Desert"

Not much information can be found about this abandoned railway repair shop in Eastern Germany. Sources say that the earliest mention dates back to the year 1864. At the time, these facilities were called "Central Workshops". The term "Reichsbahn-ausbesserngswerk" (Reich's Railway Repair Shop) was introduced in 1927 and kept in use during the time of the GDR.

From around 1890 to 1994, the RAW was primarily used to repair Deutsche Reichsbahn wagons on the Lübeck-Stettin railway line. The total area of the site is almost 60,000 square meters.


Abandoned Railway Repair Shop in Germany

In 2020, the state government released more than 2 million euros to develop the site as a business park. The first buildings have already been demolished, and according to reports there are already some interested parties who want to settle on the new area.

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