Railway Repair Factory H.

Some of the large abandoned buildings that made up this huge railway repair factory have already been demolished, but the 10 interconnected factory halls that have been built by the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" since 1910 are still standing and are trying to defy time itself. The factory was specializing in the repair and maintenance of steam locomotives until it was closed by the "Deutsche Bahn" in 1996. It was given a new, socialist, name in the 1950 and changed its specialization to include mainly

Railway Repair Factory

Diesel locomotives of the Type 100At that time, more than 2.000 people were employed in the factory.


In 1989, the factory had its last big appearance in the history of locomotive construction when a replica of the legendary locomotive "Saxonia" was built.

GALLERY UPDATE: New photos taken on August 10, 2018.

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