Railyard E.

This railyard was part of a larger facility - a freight depot that used to be one of the largest and most modern of its kind until World War II. Of the original freight depot, only parts remain after the main facilities weren't rebuilt after WWII. The railyard, that had been built after World War I, was hardly damaged in the war and was in constant operation, but lost its importance over the years. In 1996, it was downgraded to a branch of a larger railyard, and in 2001, it was closed down.

A few landmarked buildings from the early days of the railyard still remain, most notably the water tower of 56 meters. Next to it stands a 21-track roundhouse. Next to it used to be a second roundhouse which had been deconstructed before the German reuinification. Also on the area are some administrative and accomodation buildings as well as a wagon repair hall and work shops.

Abandoned Railyard

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