Railyard P.

The train station next to this railyard was opened in 1893, and in the same year the older of the two enginehouses was built.
This enginehouse is one of only two enginehouses with a dome roof left in Germany. This particular construction allowed locomotives to be stored and repaired the whole year, because there was much less risk of the turntable freezing during the winter.
This enginehouse has a total of 24 tracks.
Once there were more than 20 of these architecturally interesting buildings in Germany, Russia, Poland and Luxembourg, but when the advances in techology made the steam engines stronger and bigger, it turned out that these enginehouses are considerably harder to expand than traditional enginhouses, which eventually led to their end.

The railyard lies on an area of about 62 acres and there are two enginehouses. Next to the one in the last post, there is another one built the conventional way: 24 Tracks in a crescent-shaped enginehouse that are served by a turntable outside.
More buildings belonging to the railyard can be found along the way between the two enginehouses. Service buildings, small workshops and social buildings. The whole area almost seems like a little abandoned town.

The enginehouse with the dome roof was the last of its kind to be built in Germany. The nearby railway station was opened on October 1, 1893. Since August of 1924, the station was also serviced with electric commuter trains.
The railyard with a water tower, the two enginehouses and other buildings was closed permanently at the end of the 1990s. The area is slowly being stripped down. Most of the tracks are gone by now, and in 2009, the premises were sold to an investor that plans to build a huge furniture retail store with lots of parking spaces there.
After the first enginehouse and the "abandoned village" of other buildings our exploration led us to the second enginehouse. Not as spectacular a construction as the first one, but remarkable nonetheless. The huge turntable and the 24-track enginehouse sure were impressive.

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