Railyard S.

This abandoned railyard is located northwest of the local railway station.

There were two engine sheds, each with a turntable.

The first locomotive shed was built in 1899 and had a turntable with a diameter of 20 meters. It is a yellow brick building. Locomotive shed 2 was built in 1923. Its turntable with a diameter of 23 meters was slightly larger than that of the first shed.

At the time, offices, a workshop and staff facilities were added as well.

The railyard was closed in the 1990s. The locomotive maintenance was reorganized and merged into fewer 

ABandoned Railyard in Germany

locations. Today, all the buildings are unused. A possible sale was considered in 2011/12, but nothing has happened.


Visited: November 28, 2018

Location: Undisclosed, Germany



Status: Abandoned

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