Recreation Home H.

Recreation Home in the Harz mountains of Germany

This recreation home was built in 1909 as a spa hotel.
During World War I, it was used as a military hospital and after that was renamed and used as a spa hotel again. In 1924, a big dining hall was added onto the building.
Between World War I and II, the hotel was used as a recreation home by the "Deutsche Werke", formerly a big military shipyard in Northern Germany.
After 1945, the East German federation of trade unions took over the hotel, renamed it again in the 1950s and again in the 1960s and used it as a recreation home and vacation destination.

Until the German reunification, the building was used as a vacation spot for the East German federation of trade unions.
Tourism in East Germany was mainly handled by business organizations and by the state. The largest travel business was the aforementioned federation of trade unions with their own vacation homes and about two million travels every year.
After the fall of the iron curtain and the German reunification, the vacation homes mostly went to the German escrow and were then sold to prospective investors.
This is also what happend to this particular vacation home.
In 1990, it went to the escrow and now belongs to a group of investors that had planned to turn it into a luxurious hotel again, but until today, nothing has happend in terms of securing and/or conservation of the building and so, the reconstruction is highly questionable.
In a local development plan that has been submitted in 2009, the edifice is named as formative for the overall appearance of the townscape and worthy of preservation.

GALLERY UPDATE: New photos added taken on October 2, 2017.

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