Recreation Home S.

This abandonedĀ building was last used as a recreation home for East German railroad workers.
There areĀ no accurate descriptions or dates to be found about this location, but the original house was built around 1810 and around 1890, the distinctive towers were added.
Its name used to be "The Lodging House" and it used to be part of the original health resort which was founded at the beginning of the 19th century when the water of the region was recommended for its concentration of iron, iodine and fluorine.
Next to the health resort, an administration was built as well as a casino. This led to the founding of the town itself.

Recreation Home

Famous guests include composer Carl Maria von Weber and famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen.

After World War II, most buildings were nationalized.

The "Lodge House" was given to the East German National Railroad and became a recreation home for the railroad workers.

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