Recreation Home of the Stasi

Some time in the mid-1980s, the East German State Security (Stasi) had planned to build and begun construction of a large hotel and retreat for its employees in a nature retreat in the German state of Brandenburg.

The East German political elite – just like the Nazis – had a proclivity for picturesque retreats, often directly taking over structures and properties left behind by their fascists predecessors. So it comes as no surprise that the Stasi wanted to enjoy a slice of the Brandenburg nature – though they had no intent on sharing a space with the common people.

Abandoned Hotel in Germany / Stasi-Hotel

Details on the planned hotel complex are thin. The main hotel consists of a four-floor building made from prefabricated concrete parts with an unusually designed restaurant and wellness center.

While the accounts vary, the hotel seemingly had a seperate, secluded entrance that was either intended to be used as an entrance to shield potential guests from prying eyes, or to hide special deliveries to the hotel.

The hotel also had a few auxiliary buildings, though it's not clear what they were going to be used for. Their location close to the entrance road could suggest that they could have been used as servants quarters, or for the security personnel.

Apparently, the the Ministry for State Security had also intended to construct a shooting range nearby, although it looks like the construction for this never started.

The main Hotel was built in the typical East German prefab style. However, it seems like the East German State was willing to invest a lot of money on the restaurant and wellness area. The restaurant building hase an unusual shape reminiscent of an octagon, and custom made windows were delivered from Sweden - which have been stolen, repurposed or destroyed over the years.

An atrium-like staircase connects the restaurant with a roof terrace on top, and the wellness area down below. A relatively small pool can be found – filled with swamp water and trash.

Main construction of the building was completed in 1989, and the process of furnishing the interiors had just begun (as is evident by some of the leftover bathroom tiling), when the political revolution put a stop to the work. The hotel was scheduled to be completed by 1990, but with the dissolution of the Stasi and the German reunification, these plans were cancelled. Many of the installed interiors and building materials were then “acquired” by the local populace and put to better use.


Visited: November 24, 2019
Location: Undisclosed, Germany
Status: Abandoned

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