Repair Factory for Agricultural Machines

Research about this object brought to light that this was the site of a former repair factory for agricultural machines (short LIW).
Here is some information:
The task of the workers in agriculture and food industry of the GDR was to provide the people with quality food and the industry with raw materials from its own agricultural production.
That was possible only by the "socialist intensification" of production and the introduction of industry standards for production methods in agriculture.
A major aspect of this system was the implementation ofagricultural repair works (LIW) and the county organization for agricultural machinery (short KfL).
The LIW’s were directly subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and food industry.
They had replacement stock for the required spare parts and assembly lines and had contractual relationships with the KfL of each district and were responsible for the specialized basic repair of agricultural technology.
The tasks of the LIW were varied. In some transmissions were repaired, others were exclusively responsible for the repair of motors Russian design.

This particular LIW was tasked with repairing various types of East German motors.

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