Rest Home "Fernview"

This former rest home has been abandoned since 2007, when it was given up in favor of a newly built facility closer to the rural city's center. It has developed into an "eyesore" with a certain notoriety as an "abandoned place". 

The building erected in 1967 is noticeably falling into disrepair and has now become a playground for vandals.

The dilapidated building on the 16,000 square meter site is due to be demolished in 2021. This is confirmed by the architect who is investing in a new residential project.

Abandoned Retirement Home in Germany

Status as of May 2021:

The district has sold the property on the mountain for three euros, confirms the local press spokesman. After the bad experience with the first sale to a group of companies, it was contractually agreed that the demolition must take place within a few months, otherwise contractual penalties could be imposed.

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