Rusty Locomotives W.

These two disused locomotives can be found on a railyard in Eastern Germany. The railyard used to be abandoned, but is now being used by the local "friends of the railroad" club.

It will probably be converted into a museum sometime in the future.

But on the premises of the railyard, a little off to the side, you can find these to old locomotives.

They were probably used by the East German "Reichsbahn" (the East German railroad company). The two locomotives have been 

Rusting Locomotives in Germany

built in Germany and belong to a class of "Kleinlokomotiven" (literally: small locomotives) - DRG Kö II (later: Köf II). This type of locomotive was put into service with the Deutsche Reichsbahn from 1932 after the testing of some experimental locomotives and were used on small stations in light shunting and shunting service.

The development of these vehicles was intended to make the handling of freight traffic more economical. To this end, the appropriately trained supervisor should be able to perform shunting tasks with the locomotive in one-man operation. Accordingly, the machines were developed to be economical in maintenance and upkeep. In operation, they should be easy to operate without technically trained personnel.

It is a beautiful sight to see these two "old friends" grow old together.


Visited: January 3, 2015

Location: Undisclosed, Germany

Status: Unknown

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