Sanatorium "High Pines"

This abandoned sanatorium was built in the years 1905 and 1906 as a private institution for the treatment of lung diseases. After opening in 1907, the sanatorium was equipped with 32 beds for patients, with an additional three being added in 1914. Following expansion in 1950, the hospital had 50 beds.

The sanatorium remained in the hands of the original owner's family until its communization in 1960. The treatment of patients continued until the final closure of the sanatorium in 1992.

In the basement was the inspector's 

Sanatorium in the Harz Mountains

apartment, as well as the kitchen with food elevator and a separate entrance for the vendors. There was a storage room, a laundry, sanitary facilities, a room for heating and lighting and a coal and a wood room.On the ground floor was the dining room with buffet and serving room, the medical room, the main and the secondary staircase and eleven patient rooms. On the first floor there were sixteen patient  rooms. The attic accommodated five more patient rooms as well as chambers for the staff and a room for the laundry with elevator from the laundry room.

A lounge building was connected to the main building by a covered corridor. Between the two buildings and in the park, greenhouses were created. The surrounding forest was provided with paths and resting benches.


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