Sanatorium "Crooked"

Located above the town in the forest, the sanatorium, a foundation of a local entrepreneurial family, began operation on November 11, 1899. Expanded in 1927, the hospital served as a field hospital during World War II and after 1945 as a base hospital for the Soviet armed forces in the nearby city. Today the buildings are unused and left to decay.

The entrepreneurial couple, whose children had died of tuberculosis, initiated the construction as a sanatorium for lung diseases. The father himself worked on the project planning and construction and also as director of the sanatorium.

Abandoned Sanatorium Milbitz in Germany

During World War II, the buildings were used as a military hospital by the German Army, and by the Soviet Army after the war until the hospital was abandoned in the 1990s after the end of the Cold War. Efforts were made to develop the site, but these failed due to the massive construction plans.

Since then, the site has not been used and the buildings are in a condition worthy of restoration, but have already been partially gutted. 

The site is approx. 46,000m² in size and, in addition to the buildings of the former clinics, also includes a large vehicle hall.


Visited: August 19, 2019

Location: Undisclosed

Status: Abandoned

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