School "Eastern Engineering"

The buildings of the abandoned school for electrical engineering are all still standing, including dormitories, cafeteria or the old library. But they are in a pitiful condition. Window panes are smashed, graffiti is emblazoned on the walls, and torn-out doors are lying around on the floor. In some of the former classrooms, ceiling tiles have come down. And on the centerpiece, the schoolyard, young birch trees are sprouting by the hundreds.

Metal thieves have stolen the manhole covers from the site, so county officials have had heavy concrete covers pushed over the manholes.

Abandoned School for Engineering in Germany

The history of the site begins in the late 1930s, the regiment "General Göring" was stationed there. After the war, the former tank garages were converted into classrooms. A dormitory was also added for the local steel mill's apprentices, who were trained here as company locksmiths and electricians. At the beginning of 1954, the "Hanno Günther" School for Engineering was established. Students from other engineering schools soon joined them. According to the requirements of the industry in the GDR at that time, the subject electrical systems was created from the specializations for general electrical engineering and electrical mechanical engineering. Later, the disciplines of control engineering and automation were added.

But the fall of the Berlin Wall marked a turning point, and the engineering school had to close. For years, the local secondary School was housed on the site. But with the construction of a new secondary school the last apprentices moved out, and at the end of 2005 it became quiet around the premises.

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