Secret Government Bunker S.

Buried deep below an academy in Northern Germany, this bunker lay unknown to the population until the beginning of the new millennium. It was the first alternate seat of government for the northernmost German state.

It was constructed when in 1952, an academy for European studies was founded. The choice of location was no surprise - the governor had a farm not too far from there.

In the first years, the entire state government would have been evacuated into this bunker and the overground buildings.

But according to regulations of the federal government, this only evacuation place was not sufficient - the entire state governemnt could be erased in the event of a direct attack on the object. So more of these bunkers were built near the border to Denmark. Their construction went on far into the 1980s; this bunker was last expanded in the years '84 to '86.


Nowadays, the bunker is only used as a storage area for the academy; but the aura of the cold war is still flowing through its corridors.

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