Starch Factory A.

Starch Factory A.

The history of this company can be traced back to the year 1864. The first production site was constructed in a different city. There, wheat starch was produced from wheat flour.

Next to the wheat starch, the company produced powdered starch, wheat gluten, aleurone baking powder and swell flour.

At the time, this factory was the first of its kind, and the products as well as the original brand gained notoriety all over Germany. The products were honored with medals at various international exhibitions and were known for being used on expeditions by the famous Norwegian polar explorer Fritjof Nansen and in the recipes of a famous contemporary cookbook.


In 1885, a coal seam was discovered on the production site and the proprietor was granted a mining permission. Because of the economic crisis of the time however, the coal seam was never exploited.

The company was sold before the turn of the century.

During World War I, production could not be sustained for lack of raw materials. In 1940, the production site was moved to a different city because the factory buildings could not be expanded at the current location.

So the production site was moved and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

In World War II, the factory is heavily damaged on April 23, 1944 during an air raid, but production could be continued after a short period of time.


In 1990, the production at this site seized, again because there was no room for expansion.

Since then, the factory halls stand abandoned and are being conquered by nature.

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