Strahov Stadium

Built in 1929 with wooden stands, these were then replaced by concrete in 1932. Further expansions were built in 1948 and 1975.
During the times of the CSSR, it could hold an audience of about 220.000 people and with this number, the Strahov-Stadium in Prague still holds the title as the World's Biggest Stadium.

To be honest, the stadium is not entirely lost, but a treat for the inclined urban explorer. The thing is huge! The office of Sparta Prague stands right on the field and is surrounded by 8 (!) soccer fields. Six of those have standard size and two are a little smaller. The field itself has a size of about 200 x 300 meters and is used today by Spartas youth teams for training.
The stands are ramshackle and decaying, plants are finding their way in and the concrete is starting to break off.
Apperently, there are talks about how to use the stadium, but nothing concrete has come up yet.


Visited: August 27, 2013

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Status: Active

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