Technical Museum B.

This place used to be a privately owned car and aviation museum near a spa town in the middle of Germany.

The area is made up of several exhibition halls and an outdoor area. The outdoor area leaves the impression of randomly collected militaria from several former Eastern-bloc countries.

The museum was a tourist attraction for the city - even today, there are still roadsings showing the way.



Technical Museum B.

Some information about the history: The museum was founded at the beginning of the 1970s and was closed in 2007. Since then, there is no information concerning the exhibition or plans for a reopening.


Most of the exhibits in the outdoor area and by the side of the road can be freely accessed or viewed from a short distance. Among others, there is a MiG-21 Jet, an Mi-8 helicopter and a T-35 tank.


Visited: March 18, 2015 and March 27, 2016

Location: Undisclosed, Germany

Status: Abandoned

GALLERY UPDATE - Photos from 2016-03-27

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