Bunker "The Minister's Deputy"

Deep in the forests of Brandenburg in a huge former restricted area, the remains of the former remote  command post of the Deputy Minister and Chief of the Border Troops of the GDR (East Germany) can be found.

Before the conversion began, the size of the facility was impressive. In addition to a helicopter landing pad, a boiler house and a sanitary building, there was at least one covered vehicle position, at least one smaller bunker and finally the still existing main complex, a system of 40 autonomous prefabricated bunkers type FB-3, 5 monolithic bunkers and 6

tunnels built from prefabricated concrete parts. The communications systems were located in the largest room of the complex, two more, somewhat larger rooms were assigned to the Chief of the Border Troops, probably as situation rooms. Two of the 40 smaller bunker parts served as access rooms. There was also a room with a UPS system, presumably for the comms. A generator is no longer recognizable, so if it exisited, probably outside of the bunker complex itself.

The level of protection of the facility can be described as low; apparently the construction work was limited to a minimum. The corridors were adapted to the form of the terrain, as can be seen by several stairs in the corridors.

It is noteable that the individual bunker groups are very far apart, possibly so that a hit with conventional weapons could not destroy the entire system. As a result, the tunnel system has its relatively large dimensions of around 250 m in length and 100 m in width. The surface area was about 2.100 square meters - without the corridors only about 1.100.

After the German Reunification and the withdrawal of the Bundeswehr, which was initially active in the entire restricted area, the facility was open to everyone - anything that was not nailed down was stolen. Illegal parties also seem to have taken place in the complex.

The property was dismantled in 2004. All aboveground facilities were completely removed and the bunker complex turned into a habitat for bats.


Visited: September 29, 2018

Location: Undisclosed, Germany



Status: Abandoned

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