Finowfurt Aviation Museum

The Finowfurt Aviation Museum (Official Website) offers an up close encounter with the aviation history in the German state of Brandenburg at the original site of a former Soviet military airfield with German roots. The history of the museum site began in 1938 with the construction of an airfield, first for the German and then the Soviet Air Force after World War II. The Aviation Museum Finowfurt was founded in 1992 in the turmoil of the political turnaround. The scientific processing of the airfield‘s history was made possible with the help of many contemporary witnesses, private documents and research work of the

Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt

museum staff. As a result, the museum became a recognized competence center on Cold War topics. Around 25 aircraft, helicopters, rockets, rail vehicles, cockpits, navigation instruments, engines and around 60 historic vehicles are presented in eight thematically structured exhibitions on the sub-area of the former Eberswalde Finow military airfield, approx. 23 ha.


Visited: November 24, 2019

Location: Finowfurt, Germany

Status: Active (Museum)

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