Military Hospital J.

With the expansion of the Jüterbog shooting range, the “New Camp" was built on the southern side of the main road with a barrack camp, the provision office, storage buildings and huge warehouses.

So it inevitably became necessary  to also have a medical facility for the numerous military units. The first on-site hospital was completed as early as 1893.

It originally was only made up of four barracks for the sick and a few outbuildings. In the years 1930 to 1936 an enormous renovation and expansionof the facility took place

Abandoned Militäry Hospital in Germany | Lazarett in Brandenburg

(especially since the Military doctors now also had to include include family members of soldiers and private patients from the civilian population in their treatment). So a new hospital building in U-shape, a kitchen building and a laundry were built.

The hospital now had 400 beds and included departments for surgery, internal diseases, skin and venereal diseases, as well as a special ward for obstetrics. With the orientation of the hospital rooms in the new building to the south, the terraces and balconies, the sunlight and the fresh forest air were also used as therapy for tuberculosis patients.

In 1938 the open spaces were landscaped to resemble a park, and a well system was created. In the middle the stone sculpture "Horse and Rider" was placed.

From 1945 until their withdrawal in 1992, Soviet/Russian troops continued to use the facilities as Hospital.

Today the beautiful building is left to decay.


Visited: August 11, 2018

Location: Undisclosed, Germany

Status: Abandoned / Security Service

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