Navy Transport Battalion

I have known about this place for a long time, because it is really close to my home town and right next to a "famous" light house in the region, the "Lighthouse Bülk"
The beach was/is frequently used by teenagers for beach partys and I can even remember one particular party when the soldiers living there kindly helped us out by providing electricity for our music.
For more than ten years, the teenagers have now had to find their electricity elsewhere because after the end of the cold war, there was no more use for this particular small military base.
The buildings used to be the living quarters for a navy transport batallion, typical barracks, two buildings with living rooms, offices, a sheltered basement and a relatively small bomb shelter.

The entire facilty was torn down in May 2014.


Visited: September 23, 2013

Location: Kiel, Germany

Status: Demolished

Real Name: Marinetransportbataillon 1
Location: Bülk, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Status: R.I.P.
Demolition: May 2014

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